Affordable Garages for Maximum Storage & Quality

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Having enough space to store your possessions isn’t a luxury – it’s a need. Whether it’s for your prized zero turn mower, your personal power tool inventory, or for your antique show car, running out of space to store your stuff can be a real problem. If you’ve found recently that you need some extra storage space and your home just doesn’t quite fit the bill – or your stuff – you may want to look into an affordable garage.

At J&N Structures, we build a wide range of garages and barns, ranging from large lavish structures to budget garages. In today’s blog, we’re discussing all the traits that make for cost-effective affordable garages. Keep reading to learn more – or reach out right now to start designing your own!

Budget barn built in CORINTH VERMONT


5 Key Traits of the Best Budget Garages  

When building a new garage with a precise budget in mind, you want to balance getting everything you need while also limiting the scope and avoiding any unnecessary frills. Check out the key traits of budget garages and see how J&N Structures can deliver all you need:


Only One Full Story

Modern modular garage

One of the best traits of a budget garage is that its size is customizable to your exact needs – which generally means being only one-story. Having a small loft is the best budget option to bring extra the space to an affordable garage. We’ve seen the loft used for everything from a home office to extra storage.


Simple Structure

Rustic farmhouse garage with white siding

Keeping your new garage free of unnecessary extras or add-ons is one of the best ways to design with a budget in mind. One of our most popular affordable garages, the White River Series garage, boasts a simple profile with just the right amenities – making it the perfect fit for homeowners who know what they want and don’t need any extra fuss to go along with it.

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Single Door

Affordable Garage built by Amish in PA

The best budget garages opt for a single main garage door, even if the garage is slightly larger and has room for 2 vehicles. By opting for a single door, you keep the cost of your materials and overall budget lower.


Have it Custom Designed and Built

Small rustic red garage

While custom designs and builds are often synonymous with a high price tag, this can actually be a key way to limit how much you end up spending. Rather than choosing from one in a series of pre-designed garages, have your budget garage matched to your exact needs. That way you don’t end up with extras you don’t need and your costs stay under control.

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Amish garage in backyard

At J&N Structures, our commitment to providing the best quality structures is apparent in everything we construct – including our affordable garages. We choose to use the modular construction style, in which the main elements of your structure are built in our workshop and assembled on your site.  This cuts down on on-site labor costs, while ensuring you get the highest-quality building. Simply put, building modular is the best way to provide you with an excellent structure that will last you for years – all for the best possible price.

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Every Type of Project: Big and Small

2-car garage built by J&N structures

While the focus of today’s blog is all about affordable garages, at J&N Structures, we are equipped to build everything from mid-sized budget garages all the way to grand horse barns. Whether you need something more modest for your home or you need to build a luxury stable for your business, we’re the team to trust.

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Get Quotes on Affordable Garages

At J&N Structures, we make all of our structures available across the country through our dedicated dealer network. The next step in bringing home the affordable garage you need is reaching out to your nearest dealer to discuss your budget, see plans, and arrange delivery.

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