Best Barn Colors: Paints & Stains to Inspire You

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A classic country red, rustic lightly-stained lumber, and so many more options – you have countless choices for the color of your new barn. For a wooden barn, the paint or stain you choose is what gives the structure its distinct personality. To narrow down your nearly unlimited options, we’re highlighting our picks for the best barn colors and showing you beautiful examples of each!

At J&N Structures, we’re Amish barn builders that build a wide variety of barns for people all over the East Coast. We give our clients the opportunity to custom craft every aspect of their structures inside and out – from the layout to the style, accessories, and paint or stain colors that complete it. Get inspired by our choices for the best barn colors – both for paint and stain – and then get started designing your own!

Blue Horse Barn in Meadow


4 Stunning Barn Paint Colors

If you want your barn to boast a bold color, choosing paint rather than color stain is the answer. From simple primary shades to dark and moody hues, you’ll find something that fits the type of barn you’re building. Check out five barn paint colors that make a huge impact:

Red – This is a true country classic! Having a red-painted barn on your back forty or sitting next to your home creates a rustic American aesthetic the way few other colors can. Since so many ranchers, farmers, and equine enthusiasts adore this classic color scheme, we chose it as one of the best barn colors you can have!

Simple red stained barn with white trim


White – Here’s a barn paint color that brings an elegant look to almost any space. When paired with a simple trim, the clean white color makes your new barn a space you’ll be proud to show off! From a practical standpoint, the white paint better reflects the sun’s rays, keeping the interior cooler in the summer – which can be a huge advantage depending on where you live.

White horse barn in pasture


Clay – One of the more popular barn paint colors, clay barns create an earthy aesthetic that looks at-home in a horse pasture or field. Clay barn paint is the basis for some unique barn color schemes and looks great with both dark and light trim options alike.


Dark Gray – While you might not tend to think of a horse barn as looking modern, with the right color choices it absolutely can! Painting your barn a dark gray or charcoal is one of the best ways to create a modern aesthetic – and to make a style statement in general. An advantage of a dark-colored barn like this is that dirt and normal wear and tear won’t be nearly as noticeable.

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4 Standout Barn Stain Colors

By having us stain your barn instead of painting it, you showcase the natural qualities of the wood that can be just as attractive as even the most striking paint colors. There is a large variety of barn stain colors available to create a variety of aesthetics.

Caramel – Here’s a barn stain color that works for nearly any style of structure and meets almost everyone’s tastes. Our caramel stain has a brown base with some lighter accents as well. Of all of our most popular stains, this is the one that’s closest to natural-looking, unstained wood.

Light caramel barn color with maroon trim


Cedar – A very distinct barn stain color, cedar brings a noticeably red hue to the board and batten siding. As an added bonus, a cedar stain allows you to enjoy the distinct look of Cedar wood while taking advantage of the affordability and practicality of Pine siding!


Bronze – One of the most popular barn colors, bronze brings a bold and colorful finish to the natural wood. This rich color makes the barn profile stand out similarly to paint – while still maintaining more of the lumber’s natural character.

Bronze barn stain color

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Unstained – When some people want to maximize the natural qualities of wood, they accomplish this by leaving their barn entirely unstained. In fact, going with no stain at all is one of the most popular choices we see. This is one of the best ways to create a truly rustic-looking structure!

Naturally stained small barn with red metal roof


Get Prices to Build Your Structure in the Best Barn Colors

Whether you choose paint or stain, the best barn color is the one that speaks to your sense of personal style. Plus, your barn is going to be around for decades, so you’ll want to be sure that you appreciate its appearance as much as its storage capabilities. Of course, these popular barn paint and barn stain colors we’ve featured here are just the beginning of your options when you build with J&N. If there’s a color you want that you haven’t seen on our site, tell us and we’ll work to find it or something very similar!

The first step in bringing home your new barn starts with finding your nearest J&N dealer – do that by entering your zip code right here! Your official dealer will be the team that handles everything when getting your new barn, from custom designing it with you to giving you the price that takes care of everything!