Designing Custom Garage Buildings

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Homeowners love garages – that’s a fact. A new garage gives you much-needed storage, works as a man cave (or woman cave), and even raises your property value. High-quality custom garage buildings provide you all of those advantages, tailored to your needs. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting the most popular custom options you can bring to your metal garage.

At J&N Structures, we build high-quality custom metal garages and horse barns at competitive prices. So, if you’re planning your new garage and want an inside look at all of your options, this is the blog for you. Keep reading for garage inspiration – or reach out to our team to get your quote today!

Large custom garage building

Your Custom Wood & Metal Garage Options

When we say we build custom garage buildings, we absolutely mean it. Whether you want to build a custom-looking garage or one that fits your unique needs, you have options. These are the most common custom metal garage and wood garage options:

  1. Siding Choice – One of the first choices you’ll make about your custom garage is the siding. Wooden siding, metal siding, and painted SmartSide are the three choices we most commonly offer, and all are guaranteed to be sturdy and resistant to the elements. From a style standpoint, a custom metal garage will look more modern while a wooden one will look more rustic.
  2. Full or Partial Loft – One of the most popular custom options, adding a loft above your garage provides extra options for how you’ll use it. For some, a loft serves as extra storage, a home office, or even an apartment living space. Interested in unconventional living spaces? Discover barndominum homes!
  3. Siding Color – This choice will determine more about how your garage looks than anything else. Whether you choose a metal or wooden barn, you have numerous options when picking the color. We offer everything from a rustic unpainted wood to a modern charcoal gray.
  4. Wainscoting – Following up on all of the custom siding color options, wainscoting is also an option for custom garage buildings. In the same way that wainscoting is a popular look in interior design, it can also accent a custom metal garage. Having two different siding colors creates a truly eye-catching look that many homeowners love.
  5. CupolasThis upgrade for custom garage buildings serves both a stylistic and a practical purpose. Adding one or more cupolas to a garage provides better ventilation which can cut down on the fume smell of the machinery you’re storing. From a style standpoint, a cupola provides a real rustic farm-style beauty to your garage. See our favorite garages that look like barns!
  6. Lean-Tos – A popular barn horse accessory, a lean-to also works well with garages. By adding an overhang to one or more sides of the garage, you give yourself a way to work outside in less-than-perfect weather. This can be especially important if you run a side business out of your garage.
  7. Electrical Package – If you’re planning to use your garage as a workshop, a home office, or a living space, this is one of the most essential upgrades. Outfitting your custom garage building with electricity is a necessary first step for any of the more ambitious uses. Even if you aren’t sure how you’ll use your garage, we recommend opting for an electrical hookup – just in case.
  8. Decorative Trim – Once again this is an upgrade for homeowners who want to make a style statement with their new modular garage. Adding a contrasting trim color around the door frames, window frames, and roof lines make for a striking two-tone look. Matching the trim of your home helps to tie your new garage into the style of your property.


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