Gorgeous Garages That Look Like Barns

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You don’t need to own horses to fall in love with the classic American style of a horse barn. That’s why garages that look like barns are becoming an in-demand style — and one of our signature structures.

While not everyone is lucky enough to have a horse or stable, practically everyone owns a car or a truck. So if you want to bring home the sought-after horse barn look without becoming an equestrian enthusiast this is your best bet. Explore some of our favorite barn style garages — and find the one that completes your outdoor style.


5 of Our Favorite Barn Style Garages

Just like the barns that inspire them, these barn style garages come in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes to choose from. Check out some of our favorite projects — and get inspired to build your very own.

 High-Country Style Garage

Big red barn custom made with high pitched roof

From the outside, you’d never suspect that this barn housed horsepower rather than horses. Built in the classic high-country style, this garage has numerous true barn touches. Right away, you’ll notice the traditional sliding barn door. On top of that, this barn style garage has stained wooden siding and a loft with a door.

Monitor Style Garage

Barn style garage with red trim

One of the most ambitious garages that looks like a barn, this large 38’ X 40’ structure succeeds in providing both style and storage. Equipped with hour sperate garage doors and a service door, this space is more than large enough for any homeowner. The two-story monitor style stands out as a truly gorgeous way to bring the feel of American horse barn with all of the practicality the homeowner needed.


Garage with a Lean-To

Unstained wood garage barn style

The lean-to is a classic attachment on a horse barns across the country as it lets farmers work outside in the rain. However, for this garage it is practical way to honor the beloved style of a classic horse barn. In addition to the lean-to, this barn style garage earns its unique style thanks to the traditional second story loft and the large dormer, just like you’d see on a horsebarn.

Gambrel Style Garage

Modular garage in red

Another tried and true barn style that looks exceptional as a garage. Right away, you’ll notice the rustic looking unstained wooden siding and the gambrel roof style. This garage also features a decorateive lean-to further cement the horse barn aesthetic.


Jumbo Barn Style Garage

Large garage barn style with lean-to overhang

The exterior of an enormous with the storage space for a fleet of equipment. Measuring 40’ x 60’ x 12’ this garage style barn is one of the largest and most impressive we’ve ever built.  The hallmarks of barn style on this project are the bright red metal siding and the two prominent cupolas on the roof.

These are just a few of the many standout garages that look like barns we’ve built. Since we craft every structure from the ground up, we can incorporate these touches, styles, and aesthetics into your projects.


Advantages of Modular Garages

Custom garage with sliding barn door

While you may be here because you admire the horse barn style, there are ample practical advantages to modular barns that make them a smart buy for most homeowners.

As is the case with all modular construction, all of our prefab barns are built in pieces in our workshop and assembled on your property. This modern building style allows us to provide a handful of advantages that traditional construction can’t beat. Compared to a traditional garage, you can expect a modular garage to cost less money, be finished sooner, and have just as money custom options.

Learn more about the advantages of modular construction.


Garages that Look like Barns from J&N Structures

At J&N Structures, our Amish craftsmen build all types of modular structures including garages that look like barns.  If you’re ready to start designer you own garage, we’re here to help.

The first step is to find your nearest J&N dealer who will help you design and build your dream come true garage. All you need to do is enter your zip code to be matched with your nearest dealers.