Horse Arena Designs that Maximize Space

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When the weather gets rough but you want to ride on – how can you make that possible? As winter climates or rainy spring seasons approach, it can be hard to continue doing what you love.

At J&N Structures, we believe that the elements shouldn’t be a reason to stop riding your horses. That’s why we’re showing you all about indoor horse arenas that compliment your modular horse barn. Let’s create your perfect sanctuary as we explore great outdoor and indoor riding arena designs together.


Horse Arena Designs for Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

You’ve got the space, you have the horses, now all you need is the horse arena design that will take home the blue ribbon! From million dollar masterpieces to budget-conscious barns, obtaining a horse arena is something in almost anyone’s reach. See this custom horse riding arena one of our dealers built for the YMCA in Lancaster, PA.


Indoor Riding Arena Design Ideas

Custom indoor horse arena design in PA

A private indoor riding arena is every horse owner’s dream. Twenty-four/seven access to bonding time with your animal goes uninterrupted by weather elements because you are in a climate-controlled, enclosed environment.

These spacious structures are simple in theory, but a lot of behind-the-scenes considerations need to be taken into account when building. Here is our list of features that every great indoor riding arena needs:

  • Ample riding space – You’ll never hear an equine enthusiast say that their horse arena is too big. When it comes to your indoor riding arena design, bigger is most definitely ALWAYS better! Because you’ll need enough room to practice disciplines like jumping and riding, we recommend meeting or exceeding the average arena measurement of 70-90ft wide.
  • Lighting – More natural lighting = less spent on electric bills. For the most effective natural lighting solution, try implementing semi-transparent light panels or a fabric covering over the ceiling. Of course, adding windows and doors can also provide a wealth of light to your horse arena design.
  • Open rafters – The idea of completely open rafters is one of our favorite indoor riding arena design ideas! Open rafters will elevate your ceiling height and make the entire atmosphere feel extremely open. Should you choose to use rafters, wooden ones are a natural approach that are also cost effective. Keep in mind that these must be high enough so that horse practices can be done confidently and without hesitation.
  • Stable is attached – Most of the reasonably-priced indoor horse arenas combine a barn and stalls, with a flat area to ride. This allows you to exercise your horse during inclement weather – plus, you have easy access from your stall to your riding space. See some of our top-rated horse barn styles!


Outdoor Riding Arena Design Ideas

Backyard outdoor horse riding arena

Unless you spend all of your outdoor riding time exploring the trails (as we know many of you do), you most likely will want to consider investing in an outdoor riding space. Designed riding arenas are better for your horse’s overall health than just open pastures or flat part of your backyard.

If you’re wanting to create an outdoor riding arena design that offers a safe area for you to enjoy time with your beautiful horses, our team has great tips and ideas to get you started.

Outdoor riding arena designs features:

  • The right ground material – What’s the use of a beautiful outdoor riding arena if nobody can use it? In the case of your outdoor space, the material of your base is vital. Ask your builder or speak with one of our dealers for detailed information about what material will serve your project best.
  • Landscaping – A little use of your green thumb goes a long way when it comes to your arena’s perimeter! Every great outdoor riding arena design should also have a heavy landscaping focus. After all, this is a beautiful sport deserves some beautiful scenery. Use shrubbery, colorful flowers or stone-lined flowerbeds to really give your riding arena a “wow” factor! See more of horse barn landscaping ideas
  • Fencing – Without a doubt, a fence is a must for any outdoor riding arena design. Not only will it keep your horse within the desired perimeter, but it also keeps distractions (like spectators or other animals) out. White vinyl is a classic and safe, low-maintenance choice, wood fencing is famous for enhancing a farmhouse vibe. This design aspect all relies on your personal style preference!
  • Lighting (optional) – If you’re the type of equine enthusiast who rides even after the sun goes down, you’ll want to include lighting options in your outdoor riding arena design. Tall stadium lights are always our go-to recommendation because they are the most effective for the size.

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