Horse Barn Landscaping Ideas

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Your new horse barn is going to look stunning. Whether you run a business from your stable or you simply want to be proud when you show the barn to your guests, you want everything to look flawless. The right horse barn landscaping ideas can enhance a barn with an already striking appearance.

At J&N Structures, we’re a horse barn builder with decades of experience creating custom barns across the country. During our time in the industry, we’ve seen countless horse property ideas that we love to share with our readers. Learn about the best DIY horse barn landscaping ideas that can make your property even more inviting — for both guests and clients.

Horse barn landscaped with fence and yard

5 Essential Horse Property Ideas

In many ways, landscaping for a barn is similar to landscaping for a home. You want to accentuate the touches you like while creating a welcoming feeling for everyone who sees it. However, there are a few other practical benefits to landscaping with these tried-and-true horse property ideas as well.


Plant Trees

Garage barn in forest with large trees

For both the look and the practicality, most riders and equine enthusiasts want trees around their barn. Not only do they add a touch of greenery to the barn, but during the summer, well-positioned trees provide essential shade. This is key to keeping your barn cooler on the inside. If you already have a grove of trees, we’d love to install your barn near that. However, if your field is bare, you’ll want to plant some trees when the new barn is installed.

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Stone Around the Perimeter

Small barn landscaped with gravel patch

A simple touch that makes a big impact. Placing stones around the perimeter of your barn creates a clean and orderly look. Practically speaking, a bank of stone protects your barn from water infiltration which can come from runoff after heavy rain.  Plus, the stonework adds a clean and upscale look for your barn!


Plant Flowers or Shrubbery

Landscaping for horse barn with shubbery

While mulch on its own is a great horse property idea that keeps water out of your barn, planting something in the mulch makes it even better. Flowers or shrubs are the most popular plants that most barn owners choose, and they can create a true professional or luxury atmosphere around your barn. Remember, when choosing plants for around your horse barn, be sure to choose ones that are non-toxic if accidentally eaten by your animals!


Upgrade/Improve Your Fencing

Fenced landscape for horse barn

One of the best options to pair with a new barn is a new perimeter fence around your riding area as well. From a functional perspective, if your barn is old and not doing its job, the fence already around it is likely in the same shape. From an outdoor style perspective, matching the exact hue of your fence to the look of your barn siding can look absolutely stunning. Whether you want to repaint or re-stain the fence you have — or you want to build something completely new — it’s certainly a great horse property idea to try.

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Decorate the Driveway or Path

This horse barn landscaping idea makes your property especially welcoming. Whether your guests will get to your barn via driveway or walkway, we recommend decorating the pathway to get there. Some of the most common ideas include plating along the sides of the path, paving a walking path with decorative stones, or even adding an arbor as your entry way. This small touch can make a huge difference to the visitors you welcome to your barn.

Now that you know how to landscape for a new barn, all you need to do is build one! Explore some of our recent projects.


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