Ideas to Inspire Your Luxury Horse Barn

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Some barns are built to do just one job – nothing more, nothing less. Then there are luxury horse barns that are meant to look exceptional while providing shelter for your animals. At J&N Structures, we build ALL types of modular barns from the essentials-only to the luxury. To give you inspiration for your own space, we’re featuring different luxury barns we’ve built – and highlighting what makes them unique. Discover some of our favorite deluxe barns and get inspired to build your own!


Luxury Barn Idea Gallery

Some luxury barns earn their deluxe status due to their gorgeous, style-focused exteriors; others from their finished interiors; and still others from their exceptional sizes! Your upscale barn will be built to meet your needs, satisfying your tastes and your unique sense of style.

Explore 4 of our favorite luxury horse barns:

Luxury Barn with a Finished Interior Space

Cedar shake custom garage

Not only does this barn boast a one-of-a-kind exterior style, but it has a finished second floor, too. The exterior of this upscale barn looks so unique thanks to the cedar shake siding. On the inside, the second floor is finished to serve as a living space or an office. Truly an exceptional upscale structure!


Gambrel Barn with a Unique Style

Custom two-toned garage

This large 50’x100’ barn was built to truly look like nothing else. Using gambrel roofs and lean-tos for a distinct effect, this barn shows just how custom a modular barn can be! Learn more about the advantages of modular barns.


Gorgeous Luxury Barn Built with Quality Materials

Modern custom horse barn garage

Check out this upscale barn built using all high-quality materials. To craft this barn, we used elite materials like the pine board and batten, Andersen windows, and GAF architectural shingles. The color combination is also extremely eye-catching, as well!


Monitor-Style Luxury Horse Barn

Brown horse barn with red roof

This monitor barn earns huge points for its timeless style and classic color scheme. Some of the deluxe touches on this project include the striking red roof, the mushroom-colored stain, and the ample windows for maximum natural light.


Features and Options of Deluxe Barns

At J&N Structures, we custom build every structure to our clients’ specifications. When building upscale barns, there are numerous options, additions, and features that can make your barn a true high-quality structure. These are some of the most common features of luxury horse barns:

Finished Interior — Nothing says “luxury barn” like a finished interior space. Whether you use that area as a living space, an office, or a trophy room, it’s a great addition that adds both function and style to your space.

Two-Story Structure — Upscale barns almost always tend to be two stories (or more). The extra story adds more space and an even more prominent style profile. See more reasons to love two-story barns.

Cupolas — While they aren’t exclusive to luxury barns, cupolas are a great style upgrade that makes your barn look just a little more beautiful.

Extra Windows — Outfitting your custom barn with extra windows enhances the upscale exterior style and brings ample natural light inside.

Lean-Tos — Working in the rain can be pretty miserable. That’s why accessorizing your horse barn with one or more lean-tos is a great upgrade to improve the style and convenience factor.

Tall brown garage with sliding doors


Get Your Luxury Horse Barn Quote

Once you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to help make your dream luxury horse barn a reality. We offer our structures nationwide through our exclusive dealer network — that’s the best way to get started.

To take the first step, enter your zip code to be connected to the nearest authorized J&N Structures dealer in your area. Your local dealer will be able to provide expertise, offer suggestions, and ultimately help you design your custom barn. Plus, you can count on our dealers to provide you a free no-obligation quote to build the barn right on your property!