Lofted Barn: Designs & Advantages  

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Lofted barns provide two things that almost ALL of our customers care about: extra storage space and a great style profile. By adding a loft onto your horse barn, you get immediate access to a ton of extra space without increasing the footprint of the barn. Plus, the added height of the loft also makes the barn look more impressive.

Two toned lofted barn

At J&N Structures, we’re Amish Barn builders who craft a wide range of different style barns. From modest shed row barns to large lofted barns, we build it all. See real examples of the lofted style and discover the advantages that come along with a barn loft!


Horse Barn with a Loft: 4 Different Styles  

A horse barn with a loft can come in a wide range of different styles. As varied as they may be, the loft delivers convenience and the prominent two-story look. Check out 4 of our recent projects that feature barn lofts:


Monitor Barn – The raised loft in the middle of a monitor barn is what provides its signature look. The barn loft on this unique structure provides access to both the hay storage AND a working art studio. This is a horse barn with a loft that truly makes the most of the added space!


Lean-To Barn – With room for 10 horse stalls, this lean-to barn was built to maximize space, so it’s only natural that a loft was a must-have addition. This full loft will be perfect for storing almost anything and comes with swinging loft doors on either end for added ventilation. From a style standpoint, the two dormers with windows extending from the loft give this beautiful barn part of its unique character.


High Country Loft Barn – This high country barn features an extra-large loft. Accessed via stairs in the tack room, this supersized loft features a dormer with 3 windows. This space could be perfect for extra storage or would make a nice office or trophy room for a working barn.


Gambrel Barn – Here’s a smaller barn that still makes big use of the loft. This horse barn with a loft is able to maximize space – with 2 stalls on the ground floor and most of the storage taking place in the loft. Plus, the loft is what gives this barn its gambrel style.



Practical Barn Loft Benefits

There’s no question that lofted barns look impressive, but that is the only one reason to build one. The benefits of a barn loft can’t be ignored – here’s what equestrian enthusiasts love about them:

  • Extra Storage – The one thing that every farmer and horse professional always needs is extra storage. A loft provides you tons of space without needing to expand the footprint of your barn. This can be essential for matching a barn to a slightly compact lot.
  • Space for PeopleOne of the most common uses of the second story in a lofted barn is space for people. Whether it’s an office or just a lounge area, being able to have comfortable room to sit away from the horses can be a huge benefit.
  • Hay Disbursement – In some horse barns with lofts, hay is stored in the loft and then dropped directly into the stalls. This is one way that a having a loft can make the basic chores of owning horses easier.
  • Easier Ventilation – If you have a door on both ends of your loft, you can use it to generate an effective cross breeze. This can make ventilating the entire barn a much simpler process.


Get a Price on a Lofted Barn

Horse barn with mini loft

Bringing home your own lofted barn starts with a conversation – and a quote. At J&N Structures, we make all of our structures available throughout the country thanks to our dedicated dealer network. Your local dealer will be the professional to help you finalize your ideas, create a design, and get you a price to take care of everything. The first step is to enter your zip code right here and find your local expert!