Equine Barns for Personal & Professional Use

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Whether horses are your passion or your business, you know that they require specialized housing. Having a dedicated barn is necessary before you bring the first horse home or before you start taking applications for horses to board. Kickstart your planning by checking out the most popular equine barn designs and must-have features!

At J&N Structures, we’re an Amish builder that specializes in high-quality horse barns. Since we know what goes into a successful project, we’re highlighting real equine barns we’ve built to inspire your very own project! Keep reading to see your options – or find your nearest J&N dealer to get started designing right now!

Two tone equine barn with center aisle


Most Popular Equestrian Barn Designs

Each of the different equestrian barn designs offer great housing for the horses, added storage and the flexibility to meet all your custom needs. Depending on the number of horses you need to accommodate, your style, and your space, any one of these barns might be right for you. See four distinct styles and find your match:


Monitor Barn – One of the best and most effective equestrian buildings (especially for professional use), a monitor barn boasts a ton of space with an incredible rustic style. The signature second story section both provides the unique look and offers options for office space, a tack room, living quarters, storage, and more. Having some of the building’s essentials taken care of in the large loft allows the main floor to be dedicated to horse stalls. That’s one of the reasons that this equine barn design is so space efficient.

Tall equestrian building with two stories


Trailside Center Aisle Barn – This one-story equestrian barn design provides maximum space for stalls – both for horses as well as for grooming and storage. This great use of space starts with the center aisle, which allows a row of stalls on either side. This means you can accommodate a large number of horses without ever feeling like the space is too crowded. In addition, since this barn is only one story, it’ll cost less than a comparably sized monitor barn.

Spacious equine barn with cupola


Shed Row Barn – A departure from the previous equestrian barn designs, shed row barns offer budget-friendly pricing in exchange for some convenience. Unlike all of the other options, this style doesn’t have any interior or covered section – other than the stalls themselves. This can make working with your horses in certain weather or temperatures uncomfortable. However, since you don’t have an interior, you have the ability to build a fairly large equine building at a great price point.

L-Shaped equestrian barn design


High Country Barn – This traditional style of barn offers a full first floor and a large loft. The layout of a high country barn tends to be more flexible, allowing you to position the stalls and any other necessities in a variety of different positions. This style often features one or more lean-tos which provide shade and protection from the elements for both you and your horses. See more about the high-country barn style right here!

Craftsman style equestrian barn designs


Equestrian Building Must-Haves

Any of the four designs we profiled can make for a fantastic equestrian building. However, there is less flexibility in some of the key elements, accessories, and must-haves for your barn. Here’s what you should ensure that any working horse barn can provide you:

  • Easy Access to Stalls – The more horses you have, the more crucial it is that you can access any of the individual stalls with ease. Many center aisle equine barns actually give you the option to access the stall both from the inside of the barn and the outside.
  • Ventilation – A matter of horse respiratory health, having a proper ventilation strategy is a key thing to figure out during the design process. Since shed row barns are completely exposed to the outside, they offer built-in ventilation. However, ventilating any barn style can be done effectively by using cross breezes or another system.
  • Supplemental Storage – You’ll always need more storage than you anticipate. From keeping hay dry to storing other farm equipment, a working equine barn should have great storage options. Whether you have the second story dedicated to extra storage rooms or you build extra stalls for storage, it’s a must-have.
  • Durable, Long-Lasting Construction – Any equestrian building you build is an investment – make sure it lasts. That’s why working with an elite barn builder and local installer is essential to getting decades of performance out of your barn. In addition, wooden siding is the best choice for working equestrian barns as it looks gorgeous and can take a kick from a horse without splitting – unlike some metal siding.

While its not required, your barn can be absolutely gorgeous – see beautiful horse barn pictures to get inspired!

Equine barn with rustic design


Design Your Equine Barn with Us 

All J&N barns are built across the East Coast by dedicated expert dealers. If you’re ready to get started designing your barn, our dealers are here to help. Your nearest dealer will help you finalize your design, get you a price to take care of everything, and handle the installation!