L-Shaped Barn Designs

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Safe and secure housing for horses is a necessity for any farmer, rancher, or equine enthusiast. Without it, you won’t be able to keep or board horses on your property. Our L-shaped barns are designed to solve this exact problem by providing space-efficient housing for as many horses as you have.

At J&N Structures, we build a wide range of horse barns that hobbyists and professionals rely on. While these L-shaped shed rows are only one of the types of horse barns we build, they might be right for you. Keep reading to check out our L-shaped barn designs and see the advantages of this style.

L Shaped black barn for housing horses


Four L-Shaped Shed Row Barns

All four of these barns are built in the shed row style which means that they are comprised of lines (or rows) of connected stalls or sheds. Unlike other barn styles, they don’t have an enclosed interior, with the stall being the only covered part. See how these four different L-shaped shed row barns provided their owners exactly what they needed:


Germantown, NY Barn

L shaped shed row barn with horse stalls

A fantastic mid-sized horse structure, this L-shaped shed row barn provides solid housing for horses as well as supplemental storage. At the center of this barn are four 12X12 horse stalls. For additional storage, the design includes a tack room, a hay storage area, and an open storage space. The dramatic custom brown stain provides a unique sense of beauty to the entire building.

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Purcellville, VA Barn

small wood l shaped shed row barn on farm

This L-shaped barn design was created by pairing an additional group of shed rows onto a preexisting barn. The layout has all of the necessities the owner needs to care for their horses including plenty of horse stalls, a wash stall, and a tack room. This design allowed the owner to increase the number of horses they could house without tearing down and building a new barn.


Ghent, NY Barn

large l shaped barn designed on ranch

A very large L-shaped barn, this barn is all about housing and caring for the most horses possible. With six horse stalls and a dedicated tack room, this layout is the definition of efficiency! By opting for the L-shaped design, it allows the barn to grow without taking up too much linear space.


Douglassville, PA Barn

L shaped barn by pool

While the vast majority of these barns are meant for horses, this shed row barn is laid out to accommodate other types of storage. This barn features two individual storage spaces – including one with Dutch doors, which is perfect for heavy equipment. In addition, there is an open area and a lean-to as well. Finally, from a style standpoint, the rich stain, the charcoal roof, and the brass cupola create an attractive rustic aesthetic.


Benefits of the Shed Row Style

The shed row style is popular because it is practical. If you need storage or a home for your horses, it’s hard to find a more effective solution. Here are some of the key advantages that make shed row barns a smart choice:


  • Affordable – Shed row barns often use less material and tend to be even more affordable than our other barns.
  • Can Be Upgraded – As was the case with the L-shaped shed row barn in Purcellville, VA, upgrading this style is possible.
  • Quick to Install – Oftentimes, these barns are quicker to install since they have a more stripped-down layout.
  • Often Smaller Footprint – While large horse barns look inspiring, sometimes a more size-efficient structure is needed. Shed row barns pack tons of storage in a small footprint!


Get Quotes on L-Shaped Barns

Mini L shaped shed row barn for storage

L-shaped barns are a great option for ensuring you have the storage you need or a home for your horses – or both! If you want to bring one of these designs to your property, we’d love to build it for you.

The first step of getting your J&N barn is to find your nearest official dealer. We make our structures available throughout the nation via our network of dealers. We encourage you to enter your zip code right here to find your local expert.