Most Cost-Effective Types of Outdoor Animal Shelters

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horse shelter barn built in PA

Whether you’re thinking about adding some animals to your property or you’re upgrading the home where your current ones live, there are plenty of different types of outdoor animal shelters to choose from.

In today’s blog, the barn experts at J&N Structures reveal the different types of outdoor animal shelters that are affordable, efficient, and visually appealing. This short article will allow you not only to discover shelters, sheds and barns for animals, but help you decide which is best for your needs.

Stay tuned to learn more about outdoor horse shelters – or, get a quote now when you locate and contact your nearest J&N Structures dealer!


Versatile Barns for Animals

One of the most well-known types of outdoor animal shelters are barns. For horses and owners alike, barns for animals blend the practical benefits for owners, like storage, washrooms, tack rooms, and lofts with the necessary accommodations for horses like spacious and warm stalls. As you can imagine, barns for animals come in a wide range of styles, sizes and prices – which is why working with a custom barn builder is the best route when bringing your own vision to life!

Discover the most popular types of barns here or check out some of the awesome ones we’ve built by browsing our online project gallery!


Spacious Animal Sheds

Shed row barns are that perfect middle-of-the-road option for people who may be restricted on property size or budget, but still want a totally enclosed outdoor animal shelter. Shed row style animal sheds are small barns that typically feature stalls, a tack room and a washroom inside while providing additional covered space outside with an overhang. These models are appreciated by horse owners because of their…

  • Hassle-free and horse-friendly design
  • Minimal site prep
  • Lower construction and installation cost
  • Versatile design
  • Completely customizable stall and storage options!

Animal sheds are perfect for anyone who needs a secure and comfortable place to house their animals. Plus, they’re built to last – these shed row barn designs are created to withstand even the harshest elements and can stand up to years of use. Whether you’re looking for a small-scale solution or something more expansive, these sheds will provide the perfect place for your animals to call home.

Shop now and find the perfect animal shed for your needs!


Affordable 3-Sided Horse Shelters

For warmer climates, a 3-sided horse shelter may be all you need to protect your beloved animals. More commonly known as a run-in shed, these popular outdoor horse shelters are an ideal option for budget-conscious owners. Not only do 3-sided horse shelters provide protection from the elements, but they also help shield your horses from pesky insects and other animals. With a three-sided shelter, you can create a space that is just the right size for your herd! While any structure with J&N can be fully customized, popular sizes for this layout include 10ft x 24ft, 14ft x 24ft, or 14ft x 30ft which is perfect for 1-3 horses.

Think of these outdoor animal shelters as open front sheds with three full walls, a sloped roof and open front. For an extra means of protection and style, consider adding an overhang to your 3-sided horse shelter! With so many color, structural, size and finishing choices, your possibilities are truly endless when designing a run-in shed for your horses with J&N.

See some of our signature small horse barn styles and locate your nearest dealer for a quote!


Create Your Outdoor Horse Shelter with J&N Structures

what the inside of a horse shed looks like

Now that you know all about shelters, sheds and barns for animals, it’s time to get to designing!

To get started building a barn with J&N Structures, enter your zip code to first find your nearest dealer. Once you contact them and discuss your vision, you’ll receive a price estimate on the outdoor animal shelter(s) of your choosing. Of course, there’s never any pressure to work with our talented team of Amish craftsmen which is why the initial consultation and quote are completely free of charge!

Don’t waste another day without the proper animal shed or barn your horses deserve – contact J&N Structures now!