4 Amazing Ideas for Barndominium Homes

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What do you get when you cross a barn with a condominium? No, this isn’t another “hilarious” dad joke; it’s the newest housing trend – meet the barndominium home! While barns with living quarters aren’t a new concept, they sure are a new trend. These rustic, authentic structures are sweeping the nation with fond admiration from both equine enthusiasts and “Fixer Upper” style lovers.

At J&N, we build a huge variety of modular barns that are the perfect starting point for your barn living space. Stay tuned to explore the unusually amazing ideas for barndominium homes (or Barndos) — and how you can start breaking ground for your own!


Are Barns with Living Quarters a Good Investment?

Unfinished barn loft interior

Any country living or horse fan has fantasized about owning a barn, but only the true super fans have daydreamed about living inside one. As the years go by, barns with living quarters have actually grown to not only be an affordable housing alternative, but a very sound investment as well!

Barndominium homes not only look charming, but they boast a whole realm of other benefits such as:

  • Returnable income when rented as an Airbnb or apartment space
  • Energy-efficient
  • Low exterior maintenance
  • Live close to your horses or other animals
  • Can be built quickly & affordably


Best Barn Styles to Turn into Barndominium Homes

Countless design customizations and trustworthy barn builders like J&N Structures make building barns with living quarters not only easy, but fun! Here’s a look at some of our favorite barndominium styles:


Monitor Style Barns

Modern gray barn with living space

If this barn went to high school, it’d be voted “class favorite” by a landslide. Most people with a hankering for a barndominium home lean towards a Monitor style build because of their spacious and long, 12-foot width loft area and endearing exterior vibes.


High-Country Style Barns

Barndominium home with loft space

When considering barns with living quarters, a High-Country style barn is post frame home goals! Its large yet cozy loft space allows for a very versatile layout that includes a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and even an office space.


Gambrel Barn

Custom barn with loft to live in

The epitome of rustic barns with living quarters fall under the wings of a Gambrel style barn. With the classic U-shape roof of a barn, it’s one of the most authentic barndominium home styles!


Modular Style Barn

Modern barn with living quarters

When it comes to a modular style barndominium home, think HGTV mixed with a little DIY Network. It’s got a ton of potential with modern, minimalist architecture while still having the ability to be customized on the interior. The layout options are endless!


What Makes a Good Barndominium Home?

Old, rustic architecture has its own unique charm. While the interior decorating will make your space truly your own, some things never change, like barndominiums’ high ceilings, open floor plans, and an excess of natural light. When designing your own barndominium home, we encourage you to keep these key barn accessories and elements in mind:

  • Double Dormers – Dormers add that rustic, original flair to your new home.
  • Extra Windows – The inside of barns can tend to be dark, so leave room for ample windows to provide a generous amount of natural light!
  • Cupola – A cupola on your roof is like the icing on the cake – it just makes things all the sweeter!


Building Barns with Living Quarters

At J&N Structures, we build barns with living quarters in preparation for you to finish and decorate as you desire – and we’ve been doing it for over 20 years! Start the conversation about your own barndominium home with our builders by contacting your nearest J&N dealer.