Barn Garages: Must-See Styles You Can Build

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Barn Garages: Must-See Styles You Can Build

You absolutely love the rustic style of a barn and would appreciate having one adorning your property. There’s just one problem – you don’t have horses. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the style home. Many people who prefer horsepower in the form of their cars, trucks, and ATVs choose to build barn garages that have the style they desire but provide the advantages of a garage.

Garage styled barn with 2 doors

At J&N Structures, we build a wide range of quality structures from traditional horse barns to fully custom buildings that fit a wide variety of purposes. Discover some of our favorite barn garages, each of which features practical vehicle storage in a beloved rustic design. Keep reading to check out real projects we’ve built with homeowners just like you – or reach out to your nearest J&N dealer to start designing your space.


5 Barn Style Garages 

Our barn style garages boast the country aesthetic of a horse barn. The main difference is that these structures often feature easy-open roll-up garage doors and have an open floor for vehicles or storage – rather than horse stalls. Explore some of our projects and find the right fit for your home:

High Country Garage – From a distance, this barn style garage looks indistinguishable from a horse barn. The slightly stained board and batten siding provides a gorgeous rough and rustic style, accentuated by the lean-to and the dormers. The only sign that this space is meant for cars and trucks rather than horses is its two garage doors.

Country style barn with natural wood finish


Single Wide Garage – This space may be compact, but the style impact is massive. One of our popular White River garage series, this structure is perfect for storing a single car or truck, while using the second floor loft for extra storage. The high-pitch roof and the distinct farm red color make this truly feel like a barn style garage.

Barn style shed for outdoor storage space


Monitor Style Garage– With a raised center loft, monitor style barns provide an attention-grabbing profile and practical storage. This homeowner took inspiration from this classic southern style for their deluxe garage. Complete with three prominent garage doors and a huge interior space, this space is great for storing and repairing a fleet of vehicles, with tons of space left over.

Barn style garage with white paint and red trim


Dark and Dramatic Barn Garage – This one-of-a-kind barn garage will turn heads thanks to its authentic barn look and the dark and moody color scheme. Each of the garage doors are accented with a dormer overhead for a very distinct two-story profile. While the overall look is more modern than most, the structure still takes inspiration from the classic designs of horse barns.

3-car barn garage painted black


Gambrel Garage – The curved gambrel roof line of this barn style garage both evokes a popular horse barn design and ensures the large second story. This enormous garage has three garage bay doors and nearly 1,000 open square feet on the ground floor. While the bottom floor can be used to store an entire family’s cars and trucks, the full second floor is perfect for converting into a home office or even a separate apartment.

Barn style garage for storage


These barn style garages showcase the variety of designs you can choose from when planning your space. However, these are just a few of the barn garages we’ve built – see our full project gallery for more inspiration.


High-Quality Barn Style Sheds & More

At J&N Structures, we’re primarily known for building expansive garages and large horse barns – which have the country style look homeowners and farmers love. However, we also build barn style sheds that are equally attractive and provide the Amish quality construction you’d expect.

Just like our barns and barn garages, these sheds have a classic looking board and batten siding. In addition to our traditional sheds, we also build wood sheds which have an open front and are meant for storing firewood. Ultimately, any J&N structure can be custom tailored to your needs – and will be built to the highest standard of excellence.

Barn garage with natural wood finish and bonus storage


Get Quotes to Build Your Barn Garage

Which of these barn garages caught your eye? Getting a price to build one just like it is simple and easy. However, you also have the ability to design a completely one-of-a-kind space from the ground up. Either way, the first step is finding your nearest J&N dealer – the local expert who can help you plan your garage and get you the turnkey price to build it.

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