Barn Style Profile: High Country Barns

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A tall and striking A-frame profile paired with convenience-focused advantages: that’s what sets this barn style apart. High country barns are a favorite among hobby farmers and professional stables alike all over the country. We’re highlighting the ever-popular high country style – and exploring the reasons why this A-frame barn is a great choice!

At J&N Structures, we’re a custom barn builder that crafts a wide range of structures, including everything from economical shed row barns to enormous two-story monitor barns. Explore the reasons high country barns have become one of our leading styles – or reach out to get started designing your barn with us!

Blue high country barn in NJ


5 Reasons to Love this A-Frame Barn

There are a few key traits that set the high country style apart from our other modular barns. Firstly, these barns are immediately recognizable thanks to the A-frame style and full second floor loft. In addition, this barn type often comes with extra first floor windows, an optional second story door, a lean-to, and a prominent cupola. The final standout trait is their modest size, which makes it match almost any yard or lot. All of these design traits are at the center of how this A-frame barn solves problems for professionals and equine enthusiasts every day – see how it can help you:

  1. Smaller Footprint, Maximum Storage – No matter how large or small your property is, you should be able to make space for a high country barn. This style offers standout storage potential in a space that is around the same size as an average two-car garage. On average, the bottom floor will include between two and five stalls with additional storage space. The full loft maximizes storage without increasing the footprint. See the best barns based on how many horses you have.
  2. Spacious Second Floor — One of the primary reasons that a high country barn offers such complete storage is thanks to the full loft. The A-frame barn style ensures ample storage space for feed, accessories, small equipment, and overflow storage. One of the most common second story add-ons is a hay hole to make distributing hay to the first-floor stalls even easier.
  3. Work in All Weather — Unlike equally space-efficient shed row barns, country barns feature a full interior space to make working with your horses comfortable in all weather. In addition, the lean-to provides additional protection from the snow and rain.
  4. Great Ventilation and Natural Light — The additional widows on the first and second story doors do more than just give this A-frame barn its signature style. These touches provide standout natural light and ventilation. This makes the barn more comfortable for you and healthier for your horses housed there. For additional light in the loft, some barns come with second story dormer windows! Learn more about horse barn ventilation!
  5. Attractive Look and Touches— While the look might not be the main factor behind your purchase, you can’t ignore it altogether. After all, you’re going to rely on this barn for decades – it makes sense that you want to appreciate its appearance. High country barns offer a classic rustic style, highlighted by touches such as the lean-to, sliding doors, and one or more ornamental cupolas. In addition to that, the tall A-frame style makes a striking impression that some hobbyists and ranchers prefer over one-story options.


Explore Some of Our Favorite Country Barns

While these A-frame barns share many of the same accessories and advantages, there are countless aesthetic touches that set them apart. When designing your custom barn, you can select the roof color, the siding paint or stain, and the trim color that matches it. Find inspiration in some of our favorite high country barns:



Get Quotes on High Country Barns

This is a barn that will make your job easier when you’re working through a rainstorm – and this is a barn you’ll be proud to call your own! High country barns are some of the most in-demand styles because they provide real solutions for farmers and equine enthusiasts, while boasting an amazing look. The first step in bringing one of these custom A-frame barns home is finding your nearest J&N dealer. Contact your nearest dealer to discuss your design and to get a free quote!