Custom Barn Options

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As horse owners needs and plans continue to grow, there is a higher demand for the manufacturing of custom barns to massive levels.  Today, to suit the needs and wants of our customers, manufacturers are now offering an astounding range of custom horse barns built with various types of raw materials keeping horse owners specific needs in mind.

Some of the main factors to take into consideration when deciding on a style and the material to be used for a custom barn should be the site location, what the existing architectural style of the property is, and what the specific use of the barn would be to the owner.   Based on these factors, owners will be able to design their barn in the desired size, style and finish to fit their needs.

Cupola and Horse Weather Vane

To begin with, to suit the specific needs, the custom built barns with a raised breezeway style is best suited for owners aiming at a higher air circulation within their structures. Such structures come with a porch and covered runs to ensure maximum protection for the animals and also easy maintenance.

For the property owners having more of a southwestern feel to their architectural style, the special custom-built horse barns with black gates and carved rafters accentuate that typical style of the property. The specific look of greenery added to the property further gives it an air of natural beauty. Other such structures with a southwest mission detailing also carry a similar sense of style.

Similarly, there are special designs of custom-built horse barns for desert landscapes and other such wilderness areas. Such barns usually comprise of enclosed stalls and covered pens for added protection from the varied vagaries of weather.

Cedar Roof Horse Barn

For a more different style of barns, horse owners can also go in for shed row barns which have special posted overhangs. Such barns have sheds that are available in both the options, including the fully enclosed ones or the ones with the 3/4 lining. Another option available in this style is the back connected shed row option for an enhanced customized look to the entire structure. For a further innovative look, the horse owners can also try going in for special round barns with a detailed dome structure inside the barn or even the ones with porch on both sides, ending with a Malibu wall.

For owners who have a lesser inclination, time or resources for maintenance of their custom barns, the barns with a steel paneling are the right choice as they offer almost maintenance-free functioning.

Apart from the features associated with the specific types of barns, there are certain varied features that are usually common to most of the customized horse barns. Some of the other most common features of such custom barns include kick-thru wall guarantee, colored metal exteriors and galvanized steel inside the stalls, specially designed tack rooms and well-equipped grooming areas.