Features of Complete Luxury Horse Barn Plan

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A luxury horse barn is not simply a roof over your horse’s head. It is a complete design that takes into account the needs of both horse and rider, as well as showcasing your unique style. From the luxury horse stalls to the well-appointed tack room, every detail has been considered to create a functional and stylish space.

When planning your modern horse barn, there are several key features to keep in mind. That’s why we’ve created a list of everything you need to know when designing an upscale barn!

Read on to learn more – or contact your local J&N dealer to get a free quote on your own luxury horse barn plan today!


Designs for Upscale Modern Horse Barns

color ideas for modern luxury horse barns

The first step in planning your modern horse barn is to find a design that reflects your distinctive style.

Whether you prefer a classic look or something more contemporary, there are plenty of options to choose from. A custom luxury horse barn builder like J&N Structures will be able to offer you an array of horse barn models. For example,

Along with the model of your modern horse barn, you’ll also want to consider the layout of your property and the number of horses you have. Once you’ve settled on a general design, it’s time to start thinking about the details like the stalls, loft and exterior! Let’s dive right in…


Luxury Horse Stall Essentials

Ultimately, a modern horse barn isn’t just a luxury for you – it’s a home for your beloved horses as well! As the primary use of your new structure, it’s important to make sure your equine family is met with the affluent essentials it needs.

While there are many options for luxury horse stall fronts, upscale barns typically are crafted with an American styled appearance. This is brilliantly showcased as individual stalls with bars and heavy-duty sliding doors for easy access! A few of the other must-have essentials of a luxury horse stall include:

  • Spacious accommodations
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Easy access
  • Uniquely designed gates
  • And more!

Luxury horse stalls are something that can absolutely be custom tailored if you work with a custom barn builder near you. Variables like the size, shape, location, door, and gate are just a few of the grandeurs you’ll have the freedom to put your own stamp on!

Learn even more about horse stall recommendations and basics here.


Upscale Barn Color Ideas

builders of luxury horse barn designs

Want to add a touch of creative flair to your modern horse barn? Showcase your personal style or complement the exterior appearance of your abode by selecting an upscale barn color scheme!

Perhaps one of the most fundamental yet transformative parts of a luxury horse barn plan is the colors you choose to paint it. Horse barn color schemes range from almost any combination you can think of including elegant eggshell with smoke stain and hunter green with warm natural wood!

Of course, these color ideas are just the tip of the iceberg for any upscale barn’s aesthetic. Bring your unique ideas and designs to our talented horse barn builders and we’ll create the perfect match for you. Still want more horse barn inspiration? Check out our extensive project gallery here!


Locate a Luxury Horse Barn Builder Near You

upscale modern horse barn plans

Whether you have no idea where to start or you have a complete luxury horse barn plan already drawn out, we’ll gladly be a part of bringing your vision to life! At J&N Structures, we’re honored to be a trusted name for luxury horse barn builders for over 20 wonderful years. Over that time, we’ve established a dedicated network of luxury horse barn builders across the eastern United States! Today, we craft custom luxury horse barns in dozens of sizes, styles, shapes and states.

Ready to bring your modern horse barn idea to life? Discover and contact your nearest J&N Structures dealer to get started.