Garage Exterior Color Ideas

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You’ll be seeing your new garage practically every day for a few decades – make sure you like the way it looks. There’s good news, though: when you partner with J&N Structures, you have more options for the look of the garage you’ll depend on. In today’s blog, we’re showcasing some of our favorite garage exterior color ideas to get you inspired for your project.

At J&N, we’re a custom garage and barn builder that crafts extremely high-quality modular structures across the country. While dependable quality always comes first, our structures also showcase a unique sense of style. Check out some of our favorite garage exterior color ideas and request quotes to build your new stricture.


Our Favorite Exterior Garage Colors

From the modest single-wide garages to huge garages that can house an entire fleet of vehicles, we build it all. That same variety applies to the exterior garage colors we build, too – everything from neutral shades to bright hues is an option.


Gray – This garage color matches practically any home siding, whether it’s white, tan, or gray. Whether or not it is paired with another structure, the dark gray hue stands out. This is an exterior garage color to consider if you want a safe yet satisfying choice.

Blue gray exterior garage color


Red – This bold color makes your garage the focal point of your property. Many homeowners like to accessorize their red barn with white trim around the doors and windows. This color is a favorite for homeowners who like a more rustic style.

Red garage with loft


White – You probably wouldn’t think to call a garage elegant, but with beautiful white siding, that’s the perfect word for it. Notice the nice contrast between the subtle red trim and the clean white siding, capped off with light gray shingles.

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Exterior garage with colors of white and red


Brown – This rich dark brown makes for an interesting, unexpected garage color idea.  See how nicely the brown siding matches with dark-colored garage doors for a unified color scheme.

Garage exterior colored brown


Wood – Another distinctly rustic garage style, this garage was built with unpainted wooden siding. This creates a distinct horse barn style, yet retains the functionality of a two-car garage. Plus, notice how the green metal roof adds another element of color.

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Natural garage exterior color with green roof


Two-Tone – One of the most interesting styles is a two-tone, wainscoting style. This particular garage workshop stands out in large part due to the dual color scheme of the metal siding.

These garage exterior colors are just the tip of the iceberg of what we can build for you. If there’s another color you’d like to see, just ask us. Even if we haven’t built it before, we’re always on board for 100% custom work!

Two-toned garage exterior


Other Key Custom Touches for Your Garage

While the sky is certainly the limit where exterior garage colors are concerned, there are other key custom touches you can bring to your modular garage as well. These are some of the accessories homeowners want:

  • A Lean-To – This horse barn style add-on allows you to stay dry while working outside near your garage.
  • Second Story/Loft – A second story or a loft are key to providing extra storage and can even serve as a place to live above the garage itself.
  • Extra Windows – More windows provide more natural light, which is beneficial if you plan to be working in your garage for hours on end.
  • Cupolas – Another add-on that creates a rustic appearance, cupolas also provide additional ventilation.

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Discuss Your Garage Exterior Color Ideas with Our Team

Red and white custom garage

If one of these garage exterior color ideas caught your eye, our builders will make it yours. However, if you’d like to discuss a color scheme you didn’t see here, we can work with you. At J&N, we build our structures in our Lancaster, PA workshop and sell them across the country through our large dealer network.

The first step of bringing home a custom J&N garage is to find your nearest dealer who will work with you to finalize your design and provide prices for your turnkey project. Find your nearest dealer and start the conversation with them!