Horse Barn Color Schemes

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When you drive down those country roads, you see a see a variety of barns in different sizes – and in a wide range of colors, too. When you’re building your own custom barn, you set your own barn style.  In this blog, we’re breaking down some of our favorite horse barn color schemes. At J&N Structures, we’re modular barn builders who craft every single barn to our customers’ specifications. Everything including the size, style, and color are completely up to you.

Since there are so many horse barn colors to choose from, we’re putting this step of the design process in focus. Whether you prefer a classic all-American style or an elegantly sophisticated stable look, you’ll find it here. These are some of our favorite horse barn color schemes that you can choose from!

Green barn with natural wood doors


5 of Our Favorite Horse Barn Colors

As you’ll see, these horse barn colors complement a wide variety of horse barns – from shed row barns to two-story monitor-style barns.

Find the horse barn style that’s right for you.

You’ll notice that the main choices that comprise these horse barn color combos are the siding, the doors, the trim, or the roof. While these are some of our favorite standout color schemes, you can custom design anything you want!


Red Siding with a White Door and a Black Roof – This horse barn color scheme hearkens back to the homestead days of America. This color pairing is equally popular in fairly small shed row barns as well as large center aisle barns. The white trim often goes beyond just the doors to include the window fixtures as well.


White Siding with Black Doors – A classic and elegant-looking barn style, this creates the feeling of an upscale stable. This striking color scheme creates an instant impression and is a favorite in both northern and southern states.


Wooden Siding with Neutral Trim and Roof – This is hands down one of the most rustic-looking styles of barns we build. The combination of the unpainted wood siding and the neutral roof looks absolutely timeless and is one of the most popular barns we build.  Learn more about building a horse barn on a budget.


Gray Siding with White Trim – Another pair of horse barn colors that are reminiscent of a luxury stable! This popular choice brings a sense of elegance to your property – however, the gray siding won’t show dirt as noticeably as white siding.


Blue Siding and Blue Doors – A rare barn for the rare horse enthusiast or hobby farmer, this is one of the most unique barns we build. This blue-on-blue design is more modern than the vast majority of the other barn color schemes.  See more unique horse barn styles.


Of course, these styles are just the tip of the iceberg. Bring us your ideas and we’ll help you create the perfect barn to match.  Still want more inspiration? Check out our whole project gallery.


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