Modular Barns – The Latest Options

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Working towards the interest of the horses, the industry always strives to come up with some of the finest features and options to ensure excellent accommodation options, one of them being the modular barns.

A modular horse barn is usually seen as the easiest and the most affordable way to build an extremely well looking and convenient horse barn. Apart from the pleasing looks and functionality, the modular barns also come with an easy option of customization for its owners.

Modular Barn in Transit

Nowadays, modular barns can be built with a loft of hay and steep roof or even without the loft to make it cost-effective. Each of the manufacturers offering a modular barn has their own way of operating and delivering the structure. When building a modular horse barn, most of the manufacturers first deliver and then connect all of the barn sections. The modular barn sections are usually delivered fully constructed with all the stalls, doors and windows which are pre-built. The only major aspect that is left is to anchor sections to the foundation, build the roof and install the aisle way doors.

Having the option for easy customization also makes such modular barns one of the most preferred choices. Although with most of the service providers, the standard size of 36’x36′ is mostly common, yet other sizes are also available. Basically, if the sections of modular barns are connected, there is no end to the size of the modular barn that can be constructed. The specially designed modular loft barn for larger horses can easily accommodate the loft and other features like different style of roofs.

The other popular option available for modular barns, the economical modular barn, is also ideal for smaller horses and ponies. This design is one of the most affordable ways to build a center aisle horse barn. However, this style of a modular barn has no loft, has low back wall (only 7′ high) and the low roof pitch (3/12 pitch). Modular barn sections of this style are usually delivered with the roof already on.

High Country with Lean-To

Apart from the above, there are other ways of manufacturing and delivery of modular horse barns, which are designed to be delivered in sections with roof finished on site. One of the most popular forms in this category are the ones built with stick, using heavy rough-cut oak frames, and roof rafters in order to provide adequate space for horses inside of stalls and plenty of clearance inside of the aisle.

Modular loft barns, as they are commonly known are another useful variation of the standard modular barns. The most noticeable difference about the modular loft barn is that the roof is built using rafters in order to give the customer an open-space look and to provide room for full hayloft. Such varied options and choices surely make modular barns one of the most preferred options of modern times.