Modular Barns vs Traditional Barns

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Building a barn is in many ways like building a brand-new home. Not only is your new barn a large monetary investment, but this outdoor structure will serve an important purpose. Whether you need it for storage or to house your animals, you want the same things:

  • Solid construction
  • Quick building time
  • Custom features and designs
  • Quality materials
  • Distinct style
  • A fair price
Custom Monitor Barn with Deck

Some people will tell you that you can’t have it all and that you need to compromise on one or more of those points. Not true. You can have your dream barn, installed on time, and all at a fair price. How do you make that happen? Choose a modular barn – from an expert barn builder. We craft customized modular barns that are installed across the country for farmers and homeowners just like you.

Learn more about modular barns vs traditional barns — and about the advantages of modular barns.

Difference between Modular Barns and Timber-Framed Barns

When you’re building a new barn, you can choose between modular or timber-framed “traditional” barns. Although they both boast the same rustic charm on the outside, they are completely different from the ground up.

Modular Barns: In this type of building process, all the important structural components are designed and crafted ahead of time to exact specifications. Rather than building the entire building in place, barn building crews set a foundation and assemble your custom barn from the pre-built components. This modern building style is rapidly gaining popularity.

Timber-Framed Traditional Barns: One of the oldest construction methods known to man, timber-framing involves building a complete wooden frame of the entire building. This labor-intensive method was a construction necessity before people developed the ability to build sturdy pre-fabricated materials in the 20th century.

While some barn builders still swear by the old method, modular barns are quickly becoming the industry standard.  Since modular buildings boast a ton of advantages, farmers and homeowners alike are demanding them over the traditional option, time and time again.

Modular barn being built

5 Advantages of Modular Barns

You can build larger structures with ease — Building a sprawling or two-story barn using traditional framing methods is challenging and expensive. When you opt for a modular solution, your build gets much easier. Since the majority of the barn is built ahead of time, it’s cheaper and much simpler — no matter how ambitious of a project you have in mind.

  1. A quicker turnaround from start to finish — Building your barn completely on-site can take weeks or even months. Building a modular barn, on the other hand, can be completed in a matter of days.
  2. Better materials — The materials for your modular barn are built in a climate-controlled plant to minimize mold and moisture during construction. While building a traditionally-framed barn, your materials are exposed to the elements the whole time.
  3. You’ll save serious money — Not only will you have the best, most modern barn available, you’ll save money too. Since modular buildings cut down on time and labor, the savings get passed along to you.
  4. Less on-site disruption — Since the majority of the construction process takes places in a factory rather than on your site, you don’t need to deal with having large construction crews on-site for months to complete your project. This factor is especially important to homeowners who are having a barn built at their homes.
  5. Customization — Some people think that a traditional barn will be more customizable since it’s built in place from the ground up. However, a modular barn is just as customizable, if not more so. See all of the custom barn options we offer with our barns.

Find a Modular Barn Dealer near You

The custom horse barns of J&N Structures have earned a stellar reputation for their quality workmanship, their ease of installation, and their striking visual style. Simply put, modular barns are better, less expensive, and more convenient than your traditional options — and J&N builds the best barns on the market today.

So, if you like the advantages of modular barns, and you like the look of our stunning options, find a J&N dealer near you to get a quote.