Modular Garages: The Perfect Flexible Space for Homeowners

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When your hobby out-grows the basement – or if you need some extra on-property storage – a garage is your best bet. Finished or not, a garage is an effective method to add square footage onto your property without major renovations. The big question though is: modular garage vs. traditional garage.

No matter which you choose you’ll end up with the storage space you need. If you go modern, and opt for the modular garage, you’ll appreciate the speed, the savings, the versatility, and the overall building quality.

That’s why we call modular garages a home storage/home renovation life-hack – you get everything you need, faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

5 Reasons Modular Garages are a Homeowner Life Hack

The definition of a life-hack is: a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

While most life-hacks teach you 91 new uses for ramen noodles (or something “handy” like that) the principle of the matter is the same. J&N modular barns gets you the space you need to do whatever you want and saves you time and money, while cutting down on potential headaches.   

Let’s break down the difference. Traditional garages have to be built from the ground-up on your property. On the other hand, modular garages are primarily constructed off-site in workshops and later installed where you need it. Once in place, the installers put the finishes touches on your space. This building technique is also very effective in installing modular barns.

Spacious Interior of Residential Modular Garage

Here’s how J&N modular garages have helped countless homeowners get flexible space they need, while saving time and money and preventing the headaches of total on-site construction.

  1. Quicker Process from Start to Finish – Building a garage on-site can take weeks or even months, while installing your modular garages can happen in a matter of days. Since J&N modular garages are primarily built in indoor workshops, our craftsman don’t get interrupted by the weather or lose time for on-site factors. That means you get your much-needed garage ASAP!
  2. Modular Garages are Better Finished Products – By working in a climate-controlled indoor space, our teams aren’t just able to work faster, but also build a better garage too. Our modular garages are built protected from mold and moisture – while a ground up garage is built being exposed to the elements. This can cut down on wood shrinkage and other issues, meaning you have the best-quality garage.
  3. Modular Garages Mean Less Disruption to Your Life — Not only do modular garages take less time to build, but they are primarily constructed in workshops. Unlike with raising a traditional garage, that means you don’t have to put up with the noise and disruption of having a construction site in your driveway.
  4. Better for Your Budget – Simply put, building a garage from the ground-up is less efficient, and traditional builders pass that expense onto you. With an ultra-streamlined process, J&N is able to provide top-quality custom barns at a major discount.
  5. Modular Barns are Extremely Flexible – One final reason we consider our garages a life-hack is that homeowners can, and do, use them for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING they need! From a hobby to a side business, or a one-of-a-kind collection, we’ve seen that a modular garage is the perfect space for just about anything you can imagine.

J&N garages are perfect for such a wide variety of uses because they are customizable to your exact needs. Whether that customization includes a loft, insulation, electricity, climate control, or just a unique floor plan, our garages can do it all. Here are some of the best and most unique uses we’ve seen for modular garages:

  • Photography studio
  • An on-premise apartment for kids or in-laws
  • Antique car workshop and garage
  • Amateur dance studio
  • Antique tractor collection showcase
  • Art studio
  • Furniture wood shop
Messy Work Bench in Modular Garage

Find a J&N Dealer Near Your

Our modular barns are built by true Amish craftsman in Lancaster Pennsylvania and the quality can be seen in every building we make. Check out our gallery to see a sample of the work we’ve done for homeowners across the country.

We bring our life-hack modular barns to homeowners through our wide-ranging dealer network. If you’re interested in getting a quote on a modular garage, modular barn, or other building, find a dealer near you.