Most Popular Modular Garage Styles

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You have more options for different modular garage styles than ever before. No matter what type of garage you choose, you’ll get the waterproof storage you need. However, there are numerous other choices to consider to find the right structure for your property.

At J&N Structures, we build modular horse barns and garages for homeowners, business owners and farmers all across the country. Just like with our variety of barns, we make a wide variety of garages with different styles, in different sizes, and with different advantages. Read our latest blog to see the most popular styles of garages we build – and to see the advantages of each.

Type of garage that doubles as a cabin

6 Types of Garages We Build

Whether you’re looking for a structure that will serve your business needs, your home needs, or a little bit of both, we have options. These are 5 of the most common types of garages we build – and can tailor to your needs. However, if you ever want a fully custom garage built from the ground up, just ask!

  1. White River Series Garage — This simple but attractive garage is a great option for homeowners who need combination storage for a vehicle and other miscellaneous equipment. 14’x32′ footprint makes this garage style a good fit for certain homes as well as larger properties. There is room for one vehicle, a full loft, and four beautiful windows!
  2. Monitor Style Garage — This garage makes an impact with its striking barn style, accented by the cupola and weathervane. From a practical standpoint, this 38’x40′ garage provides sufficient vehicle storage for almost anyone. In addition, the expansive loft provides great supplemental storage space. It features a classic monitor style look, four garage doors, a large loft accessible with electric stairs, and durable vinyl siding!Large garage style with red trim
  3. Double Wide Garage — A great and versatile option for homeowners, this type of garage provides the right amount of vehicle storage for most families in a manageable 24’x24′ package. In addition, we’ve seen the second-floor loft used for additional lawn and garden storage – or as a home office.   With this style of garage, there is enough space for two garage doors, and a full loft upstairs.Two-car garage with metal roof
  4. Lean-To Style Garage — A rustic take of the practical double wide garage style, lean-to style garages are becoming increasingly popular. This type of garage combines the space of a two-car garage with the benefits of a lean-to, just like you’d see on a horse barn. This particular 26’ x 46’ lean-to garage accentuates the barnyard style with the classic looking doors.   It is spacious enough to be accountable for two vehicles, two garage doors, and a 10′ lean to!Two store garage style with A-frame roof
  5. Workshop Garage — This large 40’ x 60’ garage was designed to house a workshop. This particular barn has numerous practical touches needed for working on a daily basis – while balancing the rustic country barn look the owner liked. It has a very spacious interior, as 12′ lean to, 8 windows, 3 doors, and extra high walls!Large red workshop garage in PA
  6. 3 Story Garage — Another unique type of garage we built, this 3-story structure is designed to provide general equipment storage as well as unique housing for the owner’s car collection.  In addition, this garage was built to emphasize the owner’s specific sense of rustic style, seen in the combination of smoke colored siding, red trim and a green metal roof. Ample natural light, a stunning exterior color scheme and 3-stories worth of storage sent this customer over the moon!
    3-story custom garage style


Find Your J&N Dealer to Discuss Different Garage Styles

While we are primarily known for building standout custom horse barns, we apply the same high-quality construction to all of our garages as well. All of our Amish built modular garages are crafted to guarantee decades of watertight storage for whatever you need.

These garage styles are a good starting point to find what you need for your home or your business. Once you’re ready to take the next step, we can help. At J&N we make all of our garages available through our exclusive nationwide dealer network.  Enter your zip code to be paired with your J&N nearest dealers — who can give you a free quote to install your new garage!