New England Style Barns: Classic Looks Meet Practical Designs

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While every region in the United States has their own distinct architectural designs for barns, New England provides some of the most lasting and influential styles. Going along with the rich equestrian tradition of the Northeast, New England style barns provide luxury looks and protection from the harsh winters. So, whether you live in the Northeast or you just admire the area’s signature style, you can bring one of these gorgeous barns to your home or farm.

At J&N Structures, we craft custom horse barns for hobby farmers, ranchers, and professional stables all across the country. In addition to our nationally recognized Amish quality construction, we stand out by building a wide range of different barn styles. Keep reading to discover the hallmarks of beloved New England style barns – and get a quote to build your very own today!


Key Traits of New England Barns

Whether you plan to use the space for your herd of horses or as a do-it-all storage space, New England barns boast a beautiful style and practical floorplans. These are the key traits of this classic barn:

Square Footprint – While center aisle barns tend to have a long and rectangular profile, New England barns maximize the size potential of a square footprint. This makes them a great choice for modestly-sized lots that need both ample room for horses and their feed.

square shaped barn in new england


Two Stories – By adding a second story, this barn style maximizes the usable space. It’s common to see the bottom story used for horse stalls, while the second story is left open for equipment and other necessities. Learn more about why two-story barns are a great choice.

New England style barn for horses


Big Doors on Both Ends of the Barn – This trait of New England style barns came about as early farmers needed enough room to pull a full wagon team in and out of their barns. While we may not use wagons in the 21st century, the style still looks fantastic!

Big barn with big doors


Windows for Light and Ventilation – A practical touch that adds a genuine sense of flair. You can count on New England barns to feature ample windows across the face of the barn. However, some barns simply make use of a second set of barn doors on the second story to provide that extra access to light and fresh air.

New england barn in VT


Overhangs – Working in the midst of a rainstorm or during a snowfall is nobody’s favorite thing to do, but sometimes it’s necessary. That’s why having an overhang or a lean-to on your barn is such a key design feature, especially if you live in an area that gets heavy snowfall.

New england style horse barn on estate


There are so many more barn styles – see more right here!


Discover Our Favorite Projects in This Style

We’ve built New England barns for use all over the country. These are just a few of our favorite that show off the essential traits of this classic American style:

Clay Barn in New Hampshire – This gorgeous example of a New England barn features the trademark double doors, a square footprint, and a helpful overhang.

New England style barn built in NH

See more photos here.

Gray Barn in Massachusetts – This New England barn, built right in Martha’s Vineyard, showcases the focus on natural light and making the most out of the two-story structure.

New England barn in MA

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Blue Barn in New Hampshire – This striking blue barn features a double-sided lean-to which makes working in the elements as comfortable as possible. Plus, notice how the loft door can be opened for extra light and ventilation.

Blue New England barn in New Hampshire

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See our full project gallery for even more inspiration!


Get Quotes on New England Style Barns 

If the advantages and aesthetics of a New England style barn are right for you, we’re the team to build it. At J&N Structures, we craft a huge range of high-quality modular barns that provide the strength and style you want at very competitive price points. We partner with an exclusive dealer network to install our barns throughout the country. The first step in bringing home your J&N barn is to find your nearest dealers and discuss your style!