Shed Row Barn Designs — And Benefits

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Shed row barns are a popular choice for hobby farmers and homeowners alike. Everyone appreciates the convenience of installing a shed row barn, whether they have a backyard or a back forty. Plus, the versatility and rustic style of shed row barn designs can’t be beat.

Whether you want to use your shed row barn for raising your animals or for storing important equipment, our barns are sturdy, secure, and affordable. At J&N Structures, we have years of experience building shed row barns that can be seen up and down the East Coast. We’re shed row barn experts — check out our portfolio of shed row designs and also get the scoop on the benefits of this type of barn.

Striking Shed Row Barn Designs

The two most popular types of shed row barn designs we build are: In-line shed row barns and L-shaped shed row barns. Both types of barns are durable, functional, and have the rustic look you love. In-line shed row barns — This type of design features three horse stalls side-by-side with an enclosed extra-large shed on the end for storage.

L-shaped shed row barns — This type of barn features in-line stalls as well as a tack room on the end, creating the L-shape.

15'x81' Finished Shed Row Barn Project 2

While those are the most popular shed row barn designs, you can work with our team to custom design any shape or configuration that you need.

No matter the type of custom horse barn you choose, you can count on all of our structures to be secure enough to stand up to the elements while being well-ventilated enough to keep livestock safe and healthy.

How to Customize Your Shed Row Barn Design?

In addition to customizing the layout and the number of stalls in your barn, you can also add your personal touch in a variety of other ways.

  • Paints and stains — A purely cosmetic touch, you can have your shed row barn create any décor you want, from rich red color paint to subtle, unpainted hues.
  • Door type — Whether you’re keeping animals in your barn or storing ATVs, the size of your doors will change. In addition, you can also opt for run-in sheds as well.
  • Lean-to – One of the most popular additions to our shed row barn designs, a lean-to barn provides an overhang onto the front of your barn. This is perfect for getting things done during a downpour.
  • Gable vents — Important if you’re keeping animals, gable vents provide important added ventilation in stalls.
  • Windows — You can customize your barns with a variety of windows in multiple places.
  • Roof options — Whether you opt for architectural shingles or metal roofs, you can rest assured your barn roof will be secure. To match your style, we carry a wide spectrum of both metal roofing and shingle colors. See all of our roof options.

Why to Choose Shed Row Barns

Like all barns from J&N Structures, our shed row barns are stylish and highly-customizable. In addition, they boast some other convenience factors that make them must-haves for farmers and homeowners alike.

Here are some other reasons you’ll want a J&N shed row barn:

  • In most municipalities, shed row barns can be installed without building permits.
  • Shed row barns are even more affordable than our larger modular barns.
  • Our shed row barns are extremely quick to install.
  • Since the size and look of shed row barns is so customizable, they can be used to supplement your main barn in cases of overcrowding.
  • Shed row barns can be resold and moved easier than other types of modular structures.
  • They can be set up on most types of ground and are popular for use as a temporary stable at a fairground.

 Find Your J&N Shed Row Barn Dealer Near You

Want to customize and buy your own shed row barn from J&N structures? We have dealers across the Eastern United States who specialize in our products. If you want to get a quote or explore one of our barns in person, find your nearest dealer today!