Shed Row Barns – The Basics

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Shed row barns are a special form of customized horse barns that come especially built-in posted overhangs. Such barns usually have sheds that are available in both the options, including the fully enclosed ones or the ones with the 3/4 lining.

Shed row barns are usually available in two basic designs. These include the single inline shed row barn, which is one side open and the double shed row barn, which has both sides open. Both of these designs provide an economical horse or cattle barn for warmer weather conditions where space is precious. Shed row barns usually share a common wall which reduces building costs and is also an excellent choice for space-limited horse barns and racetracks.

Tan Paint and Green Trim

Overhangs, the most typical feature of a shed row barn, serve a series of advantages and benefits. These overhangs can serve multi-purpose functions. A few of these include shade from the sun, protection from the wind, rain and hail during bad weather, hay and feed storage, vehicle parking, and the like. Most of such manufacturers usually offer a variety of overhang lengths to meet the specific application needs.

Other varied features available from such manufacturers include spacious horse stalls, swing or sliding doors, heavy gauge steel construction, and minimum maintenance steel exterior in a variety of colors. Depending upon the horse owner’s requirement, manufacturers can also provide facilities like tack and washrooms and sliding or Dutch doors.

To design a shed row barn on your own, first of all, start by putting a front wall and you will have a shed row barn with stalls open on one side. On the other hand, a gable roof will take the place of a shed roof to gain an overhang for an increased guard from sun and rain. The shed row barn is especially popular in warmer climates where it is not critical to have inside aisles in which to work. It is not practical for areas with snow, where more protection is needed.

Alternatively, for the best results from your shed row barns, ensure that you choose a proper builder for the purpose. To be on the safer side, you must decide on a contractor who has an extensive horse experience. When contractors are not personally experienced with horses, the completed barns may be built without the basics being in place. The builder must be aware of your unique needs in order to be able to provide adequate shelter for your specific horses. The overall functionality of the shed row barn should be based on an efficient, functional and convenient layout. Make sure that all the material being used such as lumber, doors and windows are strictly of the highest quality building materials.