Two-Story Barns: Top Styles and Benefits

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Two-story barns are a favorite for hobby farmers, horse enthusiasts, and homeowners alike. The reasons for their popularity are two-fold. The extra second story loft provides crucial space — and there’s something absolutely stunning about a two-story barn design.

Check out the three distinct two-story barn designs — and learn about the practical benefits of a barn with a loft.


The Most Popular Two-Story Barns Designs

When you’re driving a back-country road and a two-story barn appears on the horizon, you’re tempted to stop and admire the look. We feel the same way — we love the rustic style of two-story barns as well. Whether it’s the charm of the loft door or the stately feel, two-story barns are absolutely gorgeous. Just like with other types of modular barns, when designing your two-story barn you have ample design choices, starting with the style.

Here are the three most popular two-story barn designs:

  1. Monitor Style Barn — Monitor style two-story barns feature a distinct raised center to accommodate the second-floor loft. These modular barns have the potential to be built very long, with the raised center running the entire length. Rows of windows often accompany the raised middle section.
    Custom Red Monitor Style Barn
  2. Gambrel Barn — This type of two-story barn stands out due to its distinct gambrel roof, which gives it an easy-to-identify profile. The gambrel roof is similar to a High Country Barn in that only one continuous roof is used for both floors. However, the roof is not a straight slope, but has the namesake gambrel shape.
    Custom Gambrel Barn from J&N Structures
  3. High Country Barn — This style of two-story barn features a single sloped roof and even sides. Often used for loading hay, the second-story loft door is one of the tell-tale features of this type of two-story barn. High Country style barns often come with a cupola.
    2 Story High Country Barn

All three styles of two-story barns can be modified to reflect your tastes and your needs. See our custom barn accessories.


Benefits of a Two-Story Barn

Beyond that quintessential two-story barn style, a barn with a loft serves practical purposes for hobby farmers, horse enthusiasts, and homeowners. Here are the real world benefits of two-story barns:

  • Hay storage and distribution — If you have a barn full of horses, storing and distributing hay from the open second-story loft is a great way to save time and make your work easier.
  • Office space — If your barn plays a crucial role in your business, having office space in your barn can be a convenience factor. You can outfit your second story barn to feature a private and comfortable office.
  • Trophy room — You can use your barn loft as a rack room to display the trophies and awards that you or your horses have won.


Two-Story Barns Built by J&N Structures

J&N Structures builds custom modular two-story barns for farmers and homeowners all across America. Our modular barns come in a wide variety of sizes and designs and they are used for everything from housing horses to storing equipment.

Whether you’re planning for a shed row barn or a Monitor style two-story barn, at J&N we only build modular structures to save you time, money, and difficulty.

Learn about the advantages of modular structures.

Our barns and other structures are sold nationwide through our wide network of dealers. If you want to bring the style and the benefits of a two-story barn to your property, find a J&N dealer near you.

If you have any additional questions about our modular barns, the custom options available, or bringing one to your property, contact J&N structures