Wooden Barns: Styles & Advantages

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Wooden barns truly are a thing of beauty – as well as being one of the smartest choices for hobby farmers and ranchers! The classic barn building material, wood, is still our number one siding material for the majority of new structures we build.

At J&N Structures, we’re an Amish barn building company that crafts a huge range of structures across the country. Offering wooden barns for sale is one of our signature services – that’s why we’re highlighting their gorgeous styles and practical advantages.  Keep reading to see our work or get started designing your custom structure.


5 Beautiful Board and Batten Barns

When building wooden barns, board and batten siding provides decades of durability and a classic look. Compare the color, stain, and style choices as you explore the wide variety of board and batten barns we’ve built:


Un-painted Shed Row Barn

Wooden barn for animals

This striking, neutral-colored garage may be a single wide structure, but it packs plenty of storage space thanks to the second floor. While the first floor of the garage will be used for vehicle storage, all of the upstairs space can be used for much needed personal storage. There are also ample windows that provide plenty of natural light.


White Monitor Barn

Rustic board and batten barn with cupola

This board and batten horse barn has an impeccably beautiful and elegant style. The crisp white paint, deep brown doors, and metal cupola all create an upscale aesthetic that looks truly luxurious. The monitor style of this structure allows for plenty of room for the goats and chickens who call it home!

See the luxury barn essentials!


Red Trailside Barn

Red wooden barn in MILTON, NH

This wooden barn features serious space efficiency as well as a classic red paint color. This single-story structure provides 5 large horse stalls and a tack room, making it perfect for the hard-working horse enthusiast.


Stained Center Aisle Barn

Natural wood stained horse barn

One of the main reasons to love wooden board and batten barns is the gorgeous look of wood that other materials just can’t replicate. That’s why opting for an un-painted or stained look is so popular. This center aisle barn was finished with a bold bronze stain to enhance the pine wood.


Gray Lean-To Barn

Two story wooden barn

When it comes to our wooden barns for sale, you really have the complete ability to create any look and feel you want. While this striking lean-to barn is built with tried-and-true board and batten siding, the overall look is fairly modern. This contemporary color scheme was accomplished with gray paint, cedar accent pieces, and black trim. Our builders and the owners are both very proud of this one-of-a-kind space.


Want even more inspiration? Check out our entire project gallery right here!


Reasons You’ll Love Wooden Siding

There’s no question that our board and batten barns earn plenty of fans with their looks alone. However, that’s not the only reason to bring one to your home or stable. These are the advantages that you can count on when you build with this classic barn material:

  • Superior Natural Insulation – Wooden siding gives barns a natural insulation that other materials just can’t top. This means wooden barns stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Can Handle a Kick – If one of your horses kicks at the durable wood siding, there won’t be much damage. However, metal siding will often get punctured after being kicked by a horse. That puncture will mean your barn could start to rust and it can even injure your hoses.
  • More Color Options – Board and batten barns can be painted and stained a nearly unlimited variety of colors. Compare this to other manufactured materials that are available in a few pre-picked colors from the manufacturer.
  • Authentic Rustic Style – While this is ultimately a matter of personal preference, many buyers prefer wood because it is the classic barn material and has a distinctly rustic feel.


Get Prices on Wooden Barns for Sale

Feeling inspired to begin designing your dream horse barn? You’re in the right place. We offer wooden barns for sale across the country through our dedicated dealer network.

The first step to bringing one of our structures to your property is to find your nearest J&N dealer. They will be able to walk you through every step of the design process, ensuring your barn will look and perform exactly how you envision it. After that, they’ll be able to get you a quote to take care of everything.

Don’t wait – find your nearest dealer right here!