Beautiful Horse Barns: Pictures & Must-Have Traits

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Every barn we build is made to solve problems, providing a home for horses or offering other much-needed storage space. While practical necessities drive our construction, we also provide a wide range of attractive architectural features. We’re showcasing some of the most beautiful horse barns and sharing our design advice for what to include when building yours.

At J&N Structures, we’re an Amish barn building company that crafts large and small barns that are used all over the East Coast. Discover the traits and features that make for truly beautiful horse barns – and start planning yours today!

Beautiful horse barn in black


Signature Features of Our Pretty Barns

Rustic, pretty barns are truly something to be admired. As much as you enjoy looking at them dotting the landscape when driving through the countryside, they’re even more amazing when they’re yours. While gorgeous barn style doesn’t make your barn more durable or provide added protection against the elements – it’s hard to say it isn’t absolutely worth it!

These are the 5 extras that make for truly pretty horse barns:


Ask your potential barn builder about the following:
  1. Multi-Color Design Schemes – Pairing two or more complementary or contrasting colors into your space creates a much bigger visual impact than a single shade. This multi-color design scheme is often achieved by having a different siding, trim, and roof color that come together beautifully. You have nearly limitless siding color options available to you through both paint and stain colors.
  2. Board and Batten Siding – Whether painted or stained, the distinct lines of board and batten siding provide a striking look – up close and from a distance. Classic wooden siding is a must-have when building a gorgeous barn that is meant for both style and strength.

    See the different styles of board and batten barns.

  3. Stylish Dutch Doors – Another practical and attractive add-on for your horse barn are Dutch doors. This barn door style has a top half that can open independently on the bottom half, which makes caring for your horses simpler. Like many traits of classic-looking beautiful horse barns, Dutch doors were meant to make hard work just a little more convenient, which is how they became the standard style we’re drawn to today.
  4. Two-Story Profile – When thinking of the classic pretty barns you’ve seen throughout your life, we’re willing to bet they almost all featured a distinguished two-story profile. While we build a wide range of one- and two-story barns, the two-story profile simply looks more impressive and opens up an even wider range of barn types, like gambrel and monitor barns.
  5. Cupola & Weathervane – The finishing touch on many beautiful barns and gorgeous horse stables, the combo of a cupola and a weathervane provides the charm that brings the whole design together. You have several color options when selecting the cupola that will sit atop your barn.


Find Inspiration from Our Favorite Gorgeous Barns & Horse Stables

With more than a decade in business building gorgeous barns and horse stables, we have a gallery of projects from which you can draw inspiration. Take in the distinct looks and see how they put the hallmarks of pretty barns to use:


Monitor Barn in Middle River, MD

This stately monitor style barn makes a big impression with its white painted siding paired with black trim and deep brown doors. Notice how distinct the signature lines of the board and batten siding look here.

Gorgeous horse stable with white and black framed window


Modular Barn in Manlius, NY

A truly gorgeous barn, this space features a unique two-story layout finished with a striking three-color design. See how the cupolas bring a rustic touch to this otherwise modern barn.

Gorgeous horse barn in white and gray


Gambrel Barn in Lexington, NY

The gambrel slope on this roof gives this pretty horse barn a distinct character. The Dutch doors on all sides of this structure add another unique visual component to the design as well.

Pretty horse barn in New York


High Country Barn in Granby, MA

The color choices tell the story here. The powder blue paint pairs with the white trim and doors to create a truly one-of-a-kind color scheme. On top of that, the shiny brass roof of the cupola adds another eye-catching feature onto this gorgeous barn.

Beautiful horse barn built in MA


Get Prices on Your Beautiful Horse Barn

Our beautiful horse barns provide the rustic aesthetic you’ll admire and the storage you’ll rely on for decades to come. If you’re ready to start planning and pricing your new barn, you’re in the right place.

J&N makes all of our barns and garages available through our dedicated dealer network. The first step to bringing home your J&N barn is to find your local dealer, who will walk you through the custom design process and get you the quote to build it on your property. To find a list of your nearest J&N dealers, simply enter your zip code right here!