Best Storage Sheds for Every Size: Small, Medium & Big Sheds for Sale

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Best Storage Sheds in East Coast

Quality storage sheds are a homeowner’s favorite hack to gaining garage-style square footage WITHOUT an actual garage. While some may have earned a reputation of eyesore or unreliable, the best storage sheds are ones that comfortably protect your valuables for decades – and look good while doing it!

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the best storage shed for you. That’s why, in today’s blog, our outdoor structure experts are breaking down the signs of a quality shed as well as their top recommended choices for small, medium, and big sheds for sale!

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What Signs Signify a Quality Storage Shed?

Would you rather buy a cheap shed that breaks down in a few years or invest in a quality storage shed that looks incredible and lasts a lifetime?

Most people who prioritize long-term value agree that the second option is favorable. But, from looking at the lot, how do you really know which storage sheds are best?

signs of quality storage shed builder graphic

To give you an idea of what separates high-quality sheds from cheap ones, we’re breaking down what sets the structures apart. These are 5 essential signs to look for and evaluate when shopping for the best storage sheds:


Wowing Windows

Cheaper quality sheds tend to have little to no windows. That’s why the first thing to look for when searching for your favoritr storage shed is an ample number of them! Not only is having a lot of windows a trait of the best storage sheds, but the window quality matters, too.


Quality Siding Materials

An excellent exterior makes for an excellent storage shed. When looking for your best storage shed, make sure to thoroughly inspect its siding. This simple sign can predict the durability of any structure!


Built by Hand, Not an Assembly Line

This is perhaps the BIGGEST tell all sign if your structure will be a quality storage shed that lasts for a few short years or a few long decades! When a shed is built by a team of Amish craftsmen, you’re getting detailed, thorough work by real humans who care about quality, NOT a factory producing at the highest volume possible.


Custom Color Options

One of the most fun parts about shopping for a quality storage shed is picking out your favorite colors! Whether it is intended to match your house or be a contrasting design element, builders crafting durable sheds will be able to offer several color choices – not just the basics.


Flexible Price Tiers

Flexible price tiers – The best storage shed builders will happily be willing to work with your personal style and budget! Unlike big-box retailers, who operate with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get stubbornness, quality storage shed craftsmen can customize your small, medium, or big shed for sale to accommodate your needs.

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Best Big Shed for Sale (Expert’s Recommendation)

big sheds for sale

If you have the yard space and the storage need for a large structure, the White River Series shed by J&N Structures is the ultimate design for you! With ample windows, gorgeous board and batten siding and insulation, you’ll quickly see why this is our most popular big shed for sale. Customizable colors and cosmetic design options make this a top choice for those with a specific aesthetic in mind.

This particular structure was built in Douglasville, PA. It boasts an impressive footprint of 14’x26’ AND features a full loft! There’s no denying the abundant amount of storage this big shed provides!

Whether it’s for storing equipment, welcoming a new hobby, or protecting tools, the White River Series is the expert’s recommended best choice for big sheds for sale!

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Best Medium Size Sheds for Sale (Expert’s Recommendation)

medium size sheds for sale in PA

Merging the best of both worlds is this custom shed from J&N Structures! This lovely shed is the perfect size for those who want something larger than a typical garden shed, but don’t necessarily need or want a full-fledged garage. Although this customer used their medium size shed for storage and loft space, you could also use it as a home office, man-cave, or she-shed.

This stately medium size shed just goes to show how gorgeous of a building you can create when you custom design with an Amish structure builder! Start designing your own now by entering your zip code here.

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Best Small Sheds for Sale (Expert’s Recommendation)

small sheds for farm storage

The expert’s top pick for best small shed? The Manor Series from J&N Structures!

This shed design is small but mighty as it features a 12’x18’ mindfully designed floorplan that maximizes its storage space. What is unique about this small shed for sale that many standard models don’t offer is the spacious swinging double doors for the easy access of mowers, yard tools or estate storage! Many homeowners find this the perfect size for their everyday outdoor storage needs; however, it can be customized to accommodate your personal preferences.

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Shop Durable Storage Sheds from J&N Structures

If the look of one of our durable sheds caught your eye – or you care about the traits of the best storage sheds – you can bring one of them home today! The first step is to get connected with your local J&N dealers.

Simply enter your zip code to be connected to the local expert who can help you finalize your design – and get you an honest price on our best storage sheds!