Building a Barn with J&N

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The best barns are custom designed to meet your exact needs for space and functionality – while looking exactly the way you want. Custom building a barn with an expert like J&N Structures is the most-reliable way to achieve this result.

At J&N Structures, we offer custom horse barns for sale across much of the East Coast. To help you start the planning process, we’re profiling the steps of building a barn with our team. Follow along with the five main steps – and discover why building your own barn can be trouble.

Building a barn


How to Build a Barn: 6 Steps

There are a series of choices and decisions that turn an empty pasture into the dream-come-true barn you’ve been waiting for. Here’s exactly how to build a barn with J&N:

  1. Decide on How You’ll Use It – The first step of building a barn is figuring out how exactly you’ll use it and what you plan to do with it. If you’re planning to use it as a home for your horses as opposed to a workshop to fix up cars, that will influence all of the other choices. The most common barn uses we see are for housing horses, storing vehicles, serving as a home office, or functioning as a workshop. Deciding how you’ll use the barn dictates if you’ll want garage doors or barn doors – and if you’ll want to have horse stalls or open space, among many other options.
  2. Choose the Style – There are a huge variety of different barn styles to choose from. From compact shed row barns that provide enough space for the stalls you need, to huge two-story barns that provide hundreds of square feet of space – there are several barn styles to choose from. When you identify the main style or styles that meet your needs and tastes, you’ll be able to take the next step of building a barn. Here are the main styles to consider: Shed Row Barn, High Country Barn, Monitor Barn, Trailside Barn, Gambrel Barn.
  3. Finalize the Size – Once you know the type of barn you want to build, the next step is to finalize the size. This is one of the aspects of designing a barn that our experts can provide the most assistance with. Given that we’ve crafted hundreds of barns, we can advise you on the ideal dimensions to maximize the space for your price point.
  4. Determine the Interior Layout – The next step of how to build a barn entails planning out the space’s interior. Whether you’re placing horse stalls, tack rooms, wash stalls, office space, work benches, or flexible areas, you can plan out exactly where in the interior you want all of those elements. It’s often easiest to tell our team everything you want to see in your barn and let us present you with a finished layout.
  5. Select the Color Scheme & Cosmetic Accessories – Once the essentials are set in stone, you can start to plan for the style. You can create the barn color scheme by choosing one or more siding colors, roofing colors, and trim colors. In addition, here’s your chance to add on accessories like gable vents, cupolas, weathervanes, and much more!
  6. Contact Your Nearest Dealer – Once you know what barn you want to build, the next step is to get pricing. In order to do that, you need to find your local J&N dealer. They can give you a price to build and install the custom barn you’ve designed. The first step to contact them is to enter your zip code right here and be paired with the local expert who will take care of everything!


Is DIY Barn Building a Good Idea?

When we detailed how to build a barn in this blog, we focused exclusively on the process of working with a professional like J&N Structures. That’s because for anyone other than a professional contractor or builder trying to build your own barn is a recipe for disaster. There are too many steps and too many places for building your own barn to go wrong for us to recommend it.

how to build a barn

While DIY barn kits that include the material and blueprints are growing in popularity, they require a professional skill level to put them together. In most cases, we’ve seen where a homeowner attempts DIY barn building, but they don’t finish the project or end up needing to bring in a professional builder to bail them out of tough spots. Our network of J&N dealers have a huge amount of experience building a wide variety of barns, garages and more.


Start Building Your Barn Right Now

If you’re ready to get started building a barn, you’re in the right place. At J&N Structures, we make all of our barns and garages available through our expert dealer network. Simply enter your zip code to find your nearest dealer. They make the entire process easy and convenient!