Building a Horse Stable: Learn from the Experts

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Whether you’re a hobby farmer or starting an equine business, a stable will be the cornerstone of your horse operation. This will be your all-in-one structure to board horses, keep supplies, work with your herd, and everything else. If this is your first time building a horse stable, the planning process can be somewhat of a challenge – but that’s why we’re here to help.

At J&N Structures, we build a wide range of modular structures, yet we are best known for our custom barns that serve as great horse stables. In today’s blog, we’re featuring the options that almost every serious stable needs – as well as featuring some of the barn styles that are perfect for the job. Keep reading to learn more about building a horse stable – or reach out right now to get prices from J&N dealers in your area.


Horse Stable Design Must-Haves

When looking for horse stable designs you like, there are some key essentials that we almost always recommend to our customers. These options, extras, and accessories make owning a barn more convenient and more satisfying.

These are the 6 must-haves for building a horse stable:


The Right Number of Stalls

Horse stall design for large horse barn

First and foremost, your horse stable design must have room to securely house all of your horses. We almost always recommend having more stalls than you anticipate needing. As a business, you always want to have room for overflow capacity. As an enthusiast, you never know when you’ll find another horse you need to have – plus, boarding horses for friends is a great way to make a little extra money.


Ability to Work in Bad Weather

Indoor horse stable ideas

We can almost guarantee that the time will come where you need to do work in the rain or snow. That’s why you always want to have a provision for working in bad weather. While choosing the center aisle barn style is a primary way to accomplish that, you can also add lean-tos as well.


Feed Storage Options

Horse barn designed with feed room

For your convenience, you always want to have your feed storage close at hand. The best horse stable designs always have a solution for feed storage. If you’re keeping the costs low, dedicating a stall or a room for feed is a fine solution. However, if you’re building a two-story barn, we recommend using the upper level for storage and the ability to drop the feed where it needs to.


Wash Stall/Wash Room

Ideas for the inside of a horse barn

While washing horses outside is always an option, having a place to do it indoors is an easier and better year-round option. That’s why setting space aside for this is an essential part of building a horse stable. These wash rooms are set-up with running water and a simple drain in the floor.


Tack Room

Tack Room in Horse Barn

If you’re running a business, then a tack room is essential for meeting clients and doing all of the tasks that are key to keeping it going. Hobbyists use their tack rooms as places to display trophies and to relax with friends. While it might not be an essential part of a horse stable design, chances are you’re going to want one if you don’t have it.


The Style You Like

Indoor horse stable ideas

This structure is going to be on your property for a long time, so it’s important you appreciate its style. There are countless rustic accessories like cupolas and weathervanes that you can incorporate in horse stable designs to truly make it your own. In addition, you have ample options for selecting the barn color scheme.


Horse Barn Styles Perfect for Your Stable

The barn style you choose will make a large impact on how your stable looks and functions. Some of our favorite styles for stables are the one-story center aisle barn, the high-country barn, the gambrel barn, and the two-story monitor barn.


Get Your Quote to Build a Horse Stable with J&N

If you’re planning on building a horse stable and looking for a partner to help, you’re in the right place. At J&N Structures, we build extremely high-quality barns that can be seen throughout a large part of the country. While we manufacture all of our structures in our Lancaster County workshops, our dedicated dealer network makes them available throughout much of the country.

The first step is to reach out right here – and get connected with your nearest J&N approved experts!