Do Barns & Garages Add Property Value?

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Whether you build a barn or garage, adding extra storage to your property is a smart decision. Not only will you be able to use that storage for your own needs, but chances are good that if you go to sell your property, this will be an attractive selling point.

So, when potential clients ask us “Do barns and garages add property value?” we tell them, that almost always yes. As long as your storage structures are built well, you’ll be able to pass them onto the next owner. At J&N, we build a wide range of Amish barns and garages – read our blog to learn how to make sure your barn or garage adds value to your property.

Custom barn in Scottsville, VA


Why Barns Add Value to Your Home

While you may have no intention of selling your home now or anytime soon, it’s always good to feel confident that you can recoup any money you invested in your property. Almost anything you do to a home can add value to the right buyer, provided they like the choice. However, while most decorative renovations depend on your sense of style, building a quality barn, garage or shed is practical — first and foremost. This means unlike, say, the subway tile in your kitchen you’re more likely to find a buyer who wants extra storage – and is willing to pay the asking price for it.

Whether you’re installing a full modular barn, a mid sized garage, or a shed, there are several steps you can take to ensure the best return on investment for your storage structure.

Here’s how to ensure your barn or garage adds to your property value:


  1. Make Sure It Looks Attractive — If your storage space looks attractive, it looks valuable to potential buyers and thus raises your property. On the other hand, if your shed or garage looks cheap, it might not be a selling point and won’t add value to your home. At J&N, the structures we build have a striking rustic style that you can customize to your preferences.
  2. Make Sure the Space is Versatile — You should always build your storage space for what you need rather than what you imagine some potential buyer will want. However, one of the ways that a barn can increase your property value is if it is versatile enough to be used by almost ANY homeowner. Since almost everyone could use more home storage, sheds and garages are always a safe bet when investing in your home.
  3. Make the Space Will Last — When the time comes to sell your home, if your barn is falling apart, it won’t be adding to your property value whatsoever. If you’re planning to build a space that adds long term value, make sure it has a long lifespan. J&N Amish-built barns are crafted to last for decades – while looking good the entire time.
  4. Make Sure the Space Wasn’t too Expensive Upfront — If you overpaid for your storage structure upfront, that can make it much harder to make your money back. That’s why more and more homeowners are trusting the advantages of modular builds to ensure the best prices on a high-quality structure. Learn more about how modular construction helps you save big on your project.


A Variety of Storage Structures Available from J&N

So, now you have an answer to the question “do barns and garages add property value?” Getting the storage you need, more often than not, makes your property more valuable on the real estate market. At J&N Structures, we build a wide variety of high-quality modular storage structures including modular storage barns, horse barns complete with stalls, garages and sheds.

See some examples of what we can build for you:

J&N sells our high-quality structures nationwide through our large dealer network. When you’re ready to take the next step and get pricing, we’re ready to help. All you need to do is enter your zip code and be connected with your nearest dealer – who can show you all of your options and give you FREE quotes!