Free Standing Garages: Styles & Advantages

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Just because your house didn’t come with a garage, doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Building a custom garage can be more affordable and more convenient than you think – and you have tons of options for the look and layout. Check out different options for free standing garages that you can bring to your property!

At J&N Structures, we’re an Amish barn and garage builder that crafts the high-quality structures that homeowners all over the East Coast rely on. As a custom builder, we can craft any garage in any style you prefer. However, there are a few tried-and-true styles that most homeowners choose time and time again. Keep reading to see these standout free standing garages – or find your local J&N dealer to start building right now!

Slanted roof pitch on free standing garage


5 Detached Garage Types

While having a garage built with your home may be more convenient, there are a few advantages to enjoy when you build your own. You can custom tailor your new garage to the exact way you’ll use it, and you can also pick a look that speaks to your sense of style. Check out five different options we can build for you:


Double Wide Garage with a Small Loft

New brown free standing garage in forest

This type of detached garage is most similar to what comes standard with most suburban homes. The main floor will offer extra room for two cars and some storage space for tools, games, and small lawn equipment. The small loft will be more of a crawlspace rather than a full second story, but it can be a good space for keeping extra stuff. This free-standing garage is a great choice as it packs solid storage space for a modest price point.


White River Series Garage

Red white river series garage freestanding

Another very affordable detached garage model, our White River series garage offers a single garage bay with a full loft. If you only have one vehicle you need to keep out of the elements, but you also want to have more flexible space for weathertight storage, this may be the right style for you. In addition, the extra small footprint of this garage makes it ideal for spaces where a double wide garage just wouldn’t be possible.

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Two-Story Double Wide Garage

Brown two story detached garage

Quite possibly the most popular style of garage we offer, this space is the ideal solution for most people. Not only will the double wide garage keep your vehicles protected from the elements, but it also comes with an almost equally large second floor. Much more than just a crawl space, the loft is big enough to turn into an informal home office or workshop. However, it can also be great to keep valuables on the second floor while vehicles and tools dominate the first level.


Monitor Garage

White and red 3-car garage with loft

This standalone garage isn’t seeking to replicate what an attached garage would do – it’s simply on a whole other level! Like our Monitor style barns, this garage has a raised second story loft that runs the length of the building. Beyond that unique second storage loft, the Monitor style also features three garage doors. These ambitious structures are popular for people that have a fleet of personal equipment to store such as boats, trailers, ATVs, capers, RVs, trucks, and more.


Commercial Style Garage

Commercial standalone garage for workshop

While most of these detached garages are built to keep you organized and keep your stuff out of the elements, our Commercial style garages are a bit different. Firstly, they are far larger in size than what most homeowners would want on their property. Secondly, rather than prioritizing multiple garage doors and vehicle storage space, these designs maximize interior space, making them perfect for housing a business like a wood or metal shop.

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Standalone Garage Advantages

When you need a garage, you only have two real choices: build a standalone garage or build onto your home. These are the advantages of building a completely standalone structure:

  • Oftentimes Less Expensive than Building onto Your Home – Every project and every structure is different, but since there are less steps involved with bringing a new building to your property, it saves a large amount of labor time. This can also allow you to get a much larger barn compared to building onto your home.
  • More Options for Style and Layout – If you’re attempting to renovate your home to include an attached garage, it needs to connect to your home both physically and stylistically. This seriously limits your options for the height and the style of your new barn.
  • Easier Installation Process – Since a standalone garage isn’t being built onto your home, you won’t need to worry about a disruption to your daily life during the installation.


Build Your Free-Standing Garage

standalone garage with 2 bays

Ready for the storage and rustic style that comes with one of our free-standing garages? Then you’re in the right place! You can bring home any of the garages featured in this blog – or design something all your own. The first step is finding your nearest J&N dealer.

Your local J&N dealer will be able to work with you to design the exact structure you want to build – and get you the price to take care of everything. Find your official dealer right here!