Horse Stall Barns: Options for 4, 5, & 7 Stalls

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At their most essential, barns are a home for your horses. The number of horses you can safely house in a barn is decided by the number of stalls built into the structure – so it makes sense that the number of stalls you need is one of the most important aspects to plan when building your new barn. We build horse stall barns that provide the perfect number of stalls for your needs!

At J&N Structures, we’re an Amish barn builder whose barns are seen across the East Coast. Since having 4, 5, or 7 stalls are among the most common choices, those are the barns we’re featuring today. While there are multiple different horse stall barns that fit each number of stalls, there may be more options beyond what you see here – so don’t hesitate to reach out to see more!


4-Stall Horse Barn (12’ X 56’)

Single story horse barn with 5 stalls

Built in the shed row barn style, this 4-stall horse barn provides fantastic horse housing with a small footprint and a budget-friendly price tag. By having all 4 stalls exposed side-by-side in the open, this no-frills design drastically cuts down on the cost of the project. While many 4-stall horse barns will feature large interior spaces, they don’t have to in order to provide effective housing.


5-Stall Horse Barn (36’ X 30’)

5 Stall horse barn with black and orange exterior

The bold color scheme of this 5-stall horse barn is just the beginning of what makes it such a fantastic structure! The center aisle barn design means that a large interior aisle has stalls coming off it on either side. This center aisle allows you to have a space to work with your horses in all weather conditions. This 5-stall horse barn also features a tack room next to the stalls for additional usable interior space for you.


5-Stall Horse Barn (30’ X 30’)

5 stall horse barn with naturally stained wood exterior

This 5-stall horse barn features side-by-side stalls and a large interior space for storage. As a two-story barn, it provides a full second level that can be used for everything from hay storage to a trophy room or part-time home office. This 5-stall barn is a fantastic example of how having fewer stalls provides room for a wide range of storage and other flexible space.


7-Stall Horse Barn (36’ X 48’)

Large horse barn with 7 stalls

This 7-stall horse barn makes a huge impact first and foremost due to its remarkable size. Coming in at nearly 1728 sq. ft., this barn is a great home for 7 horses – and it can fit much more as well! In addition to the 6 ground floor horse stalls, the design features a tack room and extra space for a wash stall, a garage and more. The full second story was finished to be extra comfortable, complete with ample natural light from the transom windows that add to the unique visual profile. This is just one example of 6-stall horse barns, and more stripped-down versions are available as well.

See hundreds of barns right here – check out our project gallery!


Custom Options Always Available

All of these horse stall barns are designed to highlight different benefits and styles. Every single J&N barn can be custom designed to look and perform the way you want.

So whether you want a to find a unique barn paint color – or you want to create a fully unique floor plan – our builders can make it happen for you. Some of the most common unique touches are custom tack rooms, extra windows, gable vents, and cupolas with weathervanes. So, if you have question about whether something can be done, and how it’ll look, ask us! Chances are, we’ve built something similar and can help bring your design to life.


Get Prices on Horse Stall Barns

Whether you need a simple 4-stall horse barn or a sprawling 7-stall horse barn, we’d love to build it for you. The first step in bringing home your custom horse stall barn is to find your nearest J&N dealer. We make all of our structures available across much of the country though our official skilled installers. Simply enter your zip code right here to be connected with your nearest dealer. They’ll be able to get you the price to take care of everything!