Two-Story Garages: Benefits, Pictures, & More

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Building a new garage on your property can be the best solution for storing your stuff and protecting your vehicles, while even giving you a place to work on projects. While a single-story structure is great (and we gladly build them), two-story garages offer nearly double the storage without increasing the footprint of the space. Read our blog to see some of our most recent custom garages and see why the multi-story style is in-demand.

At J&N Structures, we build modular barns and garages that are used all across the country. Homeowners appreciate our structures for the custom design possibilities and the Amish construction offered at a very competitive price point. See examples of our two-story garages, learn about the practical advantages, and get your custom price quote!


Garages with a Second Floor: See Our Latest Work

The right garage for you is one that meets your needs, matches your style, and fits perfectly within your property lines. While all of these garages with a second floor look very different, they all do exactly what the homeowner needed.


Single Wide Garage in Enfield, NH

Small two-story garage with loft

This striking, neutral-colored garage may be a single wide structure, but it packs plenty of storage space thanks to the second floor. While the first floor of the garage will be used for vehicle storage, all of the upstairs space can be used for much needed personal storage. There are also ample windows that provide plenty of natural light.


Double Wide Garage in Hanover, NH

two-story garage with loft

A beautiful garage set against the backdrop of a tree line. One of our most popular garage styles, this double wide structure features two garage bays and a full upstairs loft. The high-sloped roof not only adds to the attractive profile but allows the loft to feel truly spacious, which makes for a perfect home office or apartment.


Gambrel Garage in Brewster, NY

garage with a second story and 3 doors

The unique shape of this barn comes from the rounded gambrel-style roof. Not only does this touch provide a garage that looks like few others, but it also makes the second story loft even wider. By adding a large loft onto the already spacious three-story downstairs, this two-story garage maximizes the space for storage and the finished loft.


Monitor Garage in Hunt Valley, MD

garage with second floor in Maryland

Taking inspiration from the classic monitor barn style, this garage features a large main floor with a center loft. This garage is meant to provide ample room for vehicle storage and service, with the loft serving as much needed storage off the main floor. This is a popular style of garage for businesses.


Unique Double Wide Garage in Barnard, VT

two-story garage with overhang

Similar to our traditional double wide garage with a second floor, this garage has a large downstairs space and several distinct touches. The unique features include stylish dormers and a lean-to. This space should provide more than enough square footage for two cars, lawn equipment, and boxes upon boxes of stuff.

Wonder what size garage you need? Check out our modular garage size guide.


Benefits of the Second Story

While you know that two-story garages provide all-important storage, there are several other key advantages. Check out the valuable benefits of a garage with a second floor that many potential customers overlook at first glance:


  1. Extra Storage for a Small Footprint –  If you have a fairly modest lot on which to build your new garage, the second story can almost double your space without increasing the footprint.
  2. Stylish and Tall Profile – From a style perspective, the second story looks attractive and can dramatically enhance the style of the structure. This can increase your property value if you ever want to sell your home.
  3. Room for Finished Space – By adding a second story, you give yourself options to finish one space as a living area, while leaving the bottom floor open for the vehicle storage almost everyone needs.
  4. More Options Down the Road – Even if right now you don’t think you’ll ever want a sperate apartment, a home office, or an extra floor to store stuff, it’s nice to have the option. The extra possibilities that come with two-story garages are some of the reasons that we almost always recommend getting a quote on one.


Get Quotes on Two-Story Garages

If one of our most recent two-story garages inspired you, our team can build one just like it for you! However, if you have specific requirements, our team can design a fully custom structure for you, too. At J&N Structures, we build all of our elite garages in our workshop and install them throughout the country through our dedicated dealer network.

The first step is to enter your zip code right here to find the nearest official J&N dealer. Your local dealer will consult on your design, finalize your price quote, and arrange the installation!