What the Best Storage Sheds Have in Common

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There’s a big difference between the storage sheds you see in the parking lot of a big box hardware store compared to the one a craftsman builds for you. In practical terms, that difference looks like one shed providing decades of watertight storage – and the other one falling apart after a few seasons in the elements. We strive to build the best storage sheds that deliver tons of flexible space, unbeatable protection, and a gorgeous style.

At J&N Structures, we’re primarily known as a horse barn builder, but we also craft a wide range of other storage structures, including sheds and garages. To give you an idea of what separates high-quality sheds from cheap ones, we’re breaking down what sets our structures apart.

Luxury storage shed for gardening


4 Traits of High-Quality Sheds

Right off the bat, there’s no question that high-quality sheds will look better than their cheaper counterparts. However, there’s so much more that makes a well-built storage shed such a good investment. Whether you want to store a zero turn mower, other outdoor tools, or your valuables, quality matters. These are the 4 essential differences between elite Amish-built sheds and assembly line hardware store options:

  1. Ample Windows – Having windows throughout the shed layout adds sought after natural light to make the space easier to work in – as well as to enhance the style. Not only is having a lot of windows a trait of the best storage sheds, but the window quality matters, too. That’s why all of our sheds use insulated Andersen Silverline windows! That’s a name and a product line you can trust to ensure that your shed stays watertight.
  2. Color Choices – Whether your shed sits alone in a pasture or accents your home, the color choice matters. Since they will be custom-built for you, high-quality sheds provide nearly limitless color options. You can mix and match the siding paint color, shingle color, trim color, door paint or stain, window shutter color, and more. All of these factors give you the option to ensure you have a beautiful and truly one-of-a-kind shed.
  3. Quality Siding – There’s no question that some low-budget sheds look cheap and flimsy – you won’t find that here! Rather than cheap rubber or plastic siding, you’ll find painted SmartSide and ultra-tough board and batten wooden siding. If this siding is tough enough to handle wear and tear from horses, it’ll be more than able to do the job for you!
  4. Roofing – The roof is one of the main reasons that the best storage sheds can handle year after year in the pouring rain and falling snow without leaking. You might have noticed that our sheds have steep roofs – that’s for a reason. Not only does this enhance the shed profile, but it is very effective at keeping snow and ice from staying attached to the roof. Plus, our sheds are built with Timberline HDZ architectural shingles – the exact same type you’d find on a home. Since the roof is one of the weak points on many sheds that causes them to fail, we made it one of the strongest points on our high-quality sheds!

Other Elite-Quality Buildings

There’s no question that high-quality sheds from J&N are a standout solution for storing almost anything you need. Whether it’s a companion to a barn or a standalone backyard shed, our structures provide the needed flexible storage for homeowners and ranchers. However, sheds are just one kind of structure we build. J&N is probably best known for our modular horse barns that range from modest shed row barns to expansive two-story stables. In addition to those, we craft a wide array of different garages, from small single door garages to enormous three-story garages.



Get Quotes on the Best Storage Sheds

If the look of our sheds caught your eye – or you care about the traits of the best storage sheds – you can bring one of them home. The first step is to get connected with your local J&N dealers. We offer all of our structures for sale through our network of partners. Simply enter your zip code right here to be connected to the local expert who can help you finalize your design – and get you a price to take care of everything!