Why Modular Construction Makes Sense for Horse Barns

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Most horse barns might look the same on the outside but how they’re built can change the price tag by tens-of-thousands of dollars. So, how exactly can something you can’t see make that HUGE of a difference? The answer comes down to modular vs. traditional construction — and we’re here to break it down and explain how you can save!

On one hand, there’s the traditional style of barn building, called timber frame construction, where the barn is built exclusively on-site. On the other hand, modular construction, or prefabricated construction, is a modern style of barn building in which the pieces are built separately and assembled on-site.

At J&N Structures, we are one of the main prefab barn builders in the country — read our blog for all of the info on modular barn construction.

Prefabricated small barn


How Prefabricated Construction Saves You Money

When comparing modular vs traditional construction, prefabricated helps your bottom line like nothing else. Here are the three main ways you save:

  1. Less Money Spent Building Barn Pieces — Building the siding, roofing, and interior of the barn in our workshop is much more efficient than building on-site. Thanks to dramatically reduced labor costs, we can offer you the same high-quality structures at a huge discount when we build in our own workshop. Even though modular quality is unparalleled, the traditional barn construction is considered “up-scale”, so you’ll end up paying a markup for the same end result. If budget is important to you, low-profile horse barns are the most-affordable center aisle barn on the market. Learn more about building budget horse barns.
  2. Less Potentially Expensive Issues down the Road — While both modular and traditional construction can produce high quality structures, modular barns can actually be more reliable — and less expensive to own in the long run. This once again comes back to the prefabricated building style. Since the structure of your barn is built in a climate-controlled warehouse, the unprotected internal pieces don’t spend weeks or days sitting in the rain. This limits the possibility for quality issues down the road, which is important if you expect to own your barn for decades. Discover the 6 Signs Your Old Barn Needs an Upgrade.

How Prefabricated Construction Saves You Time

One of the main benefits of building modular is the money you save on the exact barn you want. Primarily you save money by saving time on the project. This also limits the disruption to your home, farm, or general space, an important added benefit. Here’s how it happens:


  1. Less Site Prep — Generally modular barns don’t require all of the additional site prep that traditional construction does, such as excavating prior to building. This can make a huge difference in how long the crews are working at your home.
  2. Less On-Site Construction — Building in our workshop is more efficient than building on-site. This efficiency is the main selling point of modular construction, and it ensures you have the barn you need sooner. This saves you money on your bottom line as the labor price only has to cover putting together the barn — not building it from the ground up.
  3. Minimized Weather Disruption — When you build modular with J&N Structures, the pieces of your barn are constructed in our workshop. Rather than having to build everything on-site — and being disrupted by weather — we work on your barn every day in our indoor workshop. This means you won’t lose days or weeks on your project because of unforeseen weather conditions.

All of the Horse Barn Styles You Expect

While modular construction is the cutting-edge and modern way to build, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice rustic style. Almost any barn type or style that can be built using timber framed traditional methods can be built using prefabricated construction. From shed row barns to center aisle barns to two-story monitor barns, we build every style of horse barn you can imagine — with maximum efficiency.

See the variety of modular barns we’ve built:

Find the perfect horse barn style for you.


Find Your J&N Modular Barn Dealer

Now that you know all about the advantages of modular construction for horse barns, all you need to know is where to start. At J&N Structures, we sell high-quality modular barns across the country through our dealer network.

The first step towards getting your own horse barn is to enter your zip code to find your nearest J&N dealer! Contact them today for a free quote and to get started building!