7 Undeniable Traits of the Best Barn Builders

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Buying a new barn or garage for your property is a big a decision. Financially, it is a huge investment – and practically, you’ll be spending a lot of time there. Read our latest blog to find out what makes the best barn builders in the industry – and how you can tell if you’re working with a trustworthy team!

At J&N Structures, we build a wide range of custom horse barns that solve problems for hobby farmers, ranchers, and professional stables. Find out all about what the best barn builders have in common – or discuss your new barn and get a quote right now!

2-car garage built by J&N structures


What to Look for in the Best Garage Builders & Barn Builders

When looking for the best garage builders in your area, try running them through a mental checklist of the following items. The best barn builder for you will check off every box!

Ask your potential barn builder about the following topics:
  1. Uses modular construction — Only the best barn builders know how to build with modular construction. Modular barns are different from traditional barns because they provide better materials, increased cost savings, and more custom options. This also means your property will look like a construction zone for far less time than it would with the traditional method!
  2. Offers a wide range of structures – Look for a company that can offer you several styles of structures. If your garage builder only knows how to build one type of structure, it’s probably a red flag. At J&N, we proudly build over 8 different models of outdoor structures including: Run-in Sheds, Modular Barns, Shed Row Barns, and more!
  3. Provides made-to-order options — You, your needs, and your style are all so unique, your barn/garage should be, too! The best garage builders are ones that can offer you custom interior and exterior barn options and accessories. Some ideas might include cupolas, ventilation, door sizes, and more.
  4. Uses high quality materials — This should go without saying, but any company that should be considered the best garage builder should be using high quality materials on your building. Just because the barn is not where you’ll be living does not mean it should be any less reliable than your own home!
  5. Offers two-story options — It is unfortunate to say, but some barn and garage builders that claim to be the best simply can’t even offer two-story structure options! If you have big dreams, you deserve a big space. Work with a builder that can do that for you. We have built several two-story barns and are very educated on the topic – see some of our two-story garage builds!
  6. Has a network of dealers – What separates the best barn builders from the rest? The best barn builders have a team of dealers to handle the delivery and installation of garages, horse barns, and sheds.
  7. Designs with animals in mind – Your barn is most likely going to house your animals. One sign of the best barn builder is that they design your space while being mindful of the animals that are going to be living there. When your builder is pitching their ideas for design, take notice if they mention words like “lighting” and “ventilation”. This will keep it comfortable for your animals, and you’ll rest easier knowing they are well taken care of!


Where to Find the Best Barn Builders Near You

Best horse barn design with several stalls

At J&N Structures, our mission is simple: provide high quality structures with honest rates and honest service. We are proud to say, with honesty, that our company checks off every single box on the list above. We only build modular construction, we offer a wide range of structure types that are customizable, we have a dependable dealer base covering several states in the Eastern USA, we gladly build barns that are several stories tall, and we always keep your animals in mind when designing!

While some might say that makes us the best barn builder around, we say that it is just good practice!

Want to see what truly makes us the best garage builders? Start today by starting the conversation with your nearest J&N dealer.