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These articles were created to provide you with barn tips and helpful articles about structure maintenance and upkeep as well as to provide you with information for each building type you may be interested in buying.

Common Mistakes People Make When Designing Their Custom Barn

Custom Lean-To Horse Barn If you need a barn for horses, hay, and equipment but have never built one before, there are several things to consider before driving the first stake. Building a barn on your property will require a little research on your part, and you’ll likely have plenty of questions along the way. Over the years,...

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Modular Barns – The Latest Options

Working towards the interest of the horses, the industry always strives to come up with some of the finest features and options to ensure excellent accommodation options, one of them being the modular barns. A modular horse barn is usually seen as the easiest and the most affordable way to build an extremely well looking and convenient horse barn. Apart from the pleasing looks and functionality, the modular barns al...

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Shed Row Barns – The Basics

Shed row barns are a special form of customized horse barns that come especially built-in posted overhangs. Such barns usually have sheds that are available in both the options, including the fully enclosed ones or the ones with the 3/4 lining. Shed row barns are usually available in two basic designs. These include the single inline shed row barn, which is one side open and the double shed row barn, which has both sides open. Both of these designs provide an economical...

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