High Country Barn – Pleasant Mount, PA

Project Description:

This 34’x30’x10’ barn with two 4’ overhangs was erected in Pleasant Mount, PA in the High Country style. The barn has white pine board and batten siding, painted with Sherwin Williams “Weathered Shingle” color and trimmed with “Barcelona Beige”. The roof was shingled with BP “Fossilwood” shingles. Custom wooden stairs were manufactured by Lezzer Lumber. Sunset Valley Metal manufactured the steel mesh sliding stall doors and stall door yokes. The vinyl windows and fiberglass door were provided by Keystone Doors and the wooden doors were proudly made by Appalachian Woodcrafts.


This barn has (3) spacious 12’x15’ stalls and (1) 12’x15’ tack room. The stalls each have a Dutch door with glass and sliding steel mesh stall door and yoke. The tack room has custom made wooden stairs to provide upstairs loft access. The gable ends each have wooden 5’x10’ sliding aisle doors with glass. Each side of the barn has a 4’ overhang to provide extra protection from the elements.

City: Pleasant Mount
State: Pennsylvania
Manufactured in: Mill Hall, PA
Dimensions: 34' X 30' X 10'