High Country – Parksville, NY

Project Description:

This 36’x60’’ barn with two 12’ overhangs was erected in Parksville, NY in the High Country style. The barn has white pine board and batten siding, The Red metal roof was manufactured by Everlast Metal. The 29-3/4”x40-3/4” vinyl double hung windows and fiberglass service doors were provided by Keystone Door Solutions. Custom L shaped stairs were made by Lezzer Lumber. The wooden doors were crafted by Appalachian Woodcrafts.


This barn has a 12’x60’ open area on the right side accessible by Dutch doors. The left elevation has a 12’x10 stall, 12’x14’ medical room, 12’x12’ utility room, and a 12’x24’ storage room. Custom made stairs are located in the storage room that provide upstairs loft access. Please view the attached floor plan for further details.

City: Parksville
State: New York
Manufactured in: Mill Hall, PA
Dimensions: 36' X 60'