Modular Barn – Emporium, PA

Project Description:

This 36’ x 36’ barn was erected in Emporium, PA in the Monitor style. The roof has green 29 ga. metal from Everlast Metal. The B-42 louvered cupola was provided by Creative Cupolas. The white pine board and batten siding was stained with Haley’s Caramel Ultra Log Stain and the trim painted with Haley’s brown paint. Windows were provided by Keystone Door Solutions. The wooden doors were crafted by Appalachian Woodcrafts.


This barn has an open lower level to handle automobile and equipment parking. Both side elevations have an 8’ lean-to overhang to provide extra protection from the elements. The barn has 36” wide stairs with electric lift, providing upstairs access, which can be used for office or storage space. This Monitor has a “rooster tail” peak in both gable ends making this barn stand out. See the floor plan for additional details.

View Floor Plan

City: Emporium
State: Pennsylvania
Manufactured in: Mill Hall, PA
Dimensions: 36’ x 36’