Modular Barn – Oak Bluffs, MA

Project Description:

This 32’ x 36’ modular barn was erected in Oak Bluffs, MA in the High Country style. The barn was constructed with 10’ side walls using white pine board and batten siding. The barn is painted using Haley Paints clay with tan trim and red crossbucks. The 8 pitch roof has Charcoal Everlast Metal on it. There is a pent roof above the sliding aisle doors on the front elevation. Applachian Woodcrafts proudly made the tempered glass dutch doors, loft doors and service door. The barn has three 28”x48” single hung wooden windows on the rear loft area and two 28”x24” wooden sash windows on the lower level, manufactured by Bird and Hand Windows. The stall doors have grills with a wood X and yokes, which were made by Sunset Valley Metal. Lezzer Lumber made the custom made wooden loft stairs. This beautiful barn is topped off with a 32” cupola with a patchen horse weather vane manufactured by Creative Cupolas.


This barn has (1) 10×12 tack room with 36” wide L-shaped stairs providing easy loft access. The front sliding 3’x6’ loft doors with tempered glass are fully functional and allow second floor access to the outside. There is (1) 10×12 open area, providing ample hay storage space. The remaining space has (4) 10×12 horse stalls providing ample space for your horses. Each stall has a dutch door with tempered glass windows allowing plenty of natural sunlight into the barn.

City: Oak Bluffs (Martha’s Vineyard)
State: Massachusetts
Manufactured in: Mill Hill, PA
Dimensions: 32' x 36'