Prefab Garage – Cabot, VT

Project Description:

This attractive 14’ x 24’ x 13’ garage was erected in Cabot, Vermont. The garage has a 12 pitch roof and a 12’ lean-to that is enclosed in the front. The customer provided the standing seam metal roofing. The white pine siding was milled in a “channel rustic” design and stained “Cedar” with A&L Paint’s Madison stain. The 9’ x 8’ Homestead insulated garage door was supplied by Monterey Doors and the transom service door by Keystone Millworks. Appalachian Woodcrafts proudly built the loft door. The bronze 29.75” x 40.75” windows as well as the 18” x 60” awning windows were manufactured by Anderson Windows. Custom L shaped stairs were manufactured by Lezzer Lumber. Topping off this garage is a custom made cupola by Creative Cupolas.


This garage has a 9’ high ceiling providing ample height for storage needs. The walls are made with 2×6’s, 16” O.C. with Tyvek. A “turkey tail” front gable end provides distinction to this garage. The 12’ x 24’ area to the left of the garage has an enclosed front and (3) 8’ bays that are open on the side and rear. The middle 14’ x 24’ area is accessed by the 9’ x 8’ garage door. The L shaped stairs are positioned in the rear corner of this section. The right 12’ x 24’ section is accessed by the transom door. This section is heated and has double thermo house doors inside leading to the middle section.

City: Cabot
State: Vermont
Manufactured in: Mill Hall, PA
Dimensions: 14’ x 24’ x 13’