Shed Row Barn – Pinkney, MI

Project Description:

This 12′ x 48′ shed row barn, with a 10’ hinged lean-to was erected in Pinkney, MI. The barn was built with white pine board and batten siding and was stained with Haley Paint’s Caramel Urethane stain. The roof has Charcoal metal provided by AB Martin and a cupola from Creative Cupolas. The barn’s wood sash windows were manufactured by Bird in Hand Windows and the doors were crafted by Appalachian Woodcrafts.


There are two 9’x12’ and 10’x12’ stalls on both sides of an enclosed 10’x22’ work room. The left 9’x12’ stall has an 18”x22’ L shaped goat shelf that is 30” off the floor. Each stall is accessible by a dutch door and has a wood sash window. There is a sliding door between the two stalls on each side of the work room. There are a total of four service doors that provide ample access to the work room making this shed row very functional.

AutoCAD Drawing

City: Pinkney
State: Michigan
Manufactured in: Mill Hall, PA
Dimensions: 12’ x 48’ Shed Row Barn with 10’ hinged lean to