Frequently Asked Questions

J&N Structures is excited to begin working with you on your new custom outdoor structure project. Before you start the process, feel free to read through our frequently asked questions that we receive from some of our clients about their projects. We pride ourselves on being the expert barn and garage builders so that means when you trust us with your project, we take care of the entire process from start to finish. If you still have questions or are ready to start the designing and building process for your outdoor structure, contact us today!

Where is the best location for my barn on my property?

You’ll want to select a location that is completely level, has no standing water, and has an acceptable fire break from surrounding trees. If possible, a shady location for a warm client and sunny if where you live has cold winters. If you don’t have level ground, your site may need to be excavated before the barn installation.

What do I need to do before my barn is delivered?

Our barns are designed to be modular. This means they are constructed at our plant and delivered to you fully assembled. There is very little, if any, construction that takes place upon delivery. Thus, prior to delivery and installation, you are responsible for site preparation, ensuring access to the site, and obtaining any permits, permissions, or inspections that may be required from municipal agencies.

Can you deliver big barn to our location as we have a gated entrance or live in a wooded area?

Check with local dealer & have them check your site for access.

Do you apply for permits?

Check with your local dealer.

Do you provide excavation?

Check with your local dealer as it varies on size of project & location. All modular barn, garages & lean-to barns need foundations & check w/ your local municipal about storage sheds, run in sheds & shed row barns.

Do we need building permits for sheds or modular barns?

Check with your local municipality as it varies depending on the type of zoning laws and size of the building. We can provide a sketch drawing to present with most permit applications – simply contact your local dealer.