Barn Options

With the needs and plans of horse owners expanding into large varieties, the demand for custom barns and barn options has now increased to massive levels. Nowadays, to suit the varying needs of the customers, the manufacturers offer a stunning range of custom horse barns with different types of raw materials fitted in keeping in mind the specific needs of the horse owners concerned.

The main factors that are considered while deciding the style and material used for your personalized horse barn are the site, the current architectural style of the property and most importantly, the specific uses of the owner concerned. Depending on such factors, the owners are then able to design the barn in the desired style, size, and finish. Check out the different barn options below.


Shingle Roof Colors

Our barns are available in a variety of shingle roof colors to make your structure fully customizable to match your existing structures. You’ll be sure to find the perfect compliment.

Metal Roof Colors

Metal roofing is a traditional roofing material ideal for horse barns offering a variety of color schemes. See below for the best selection!

Stain Colors

Our custom-built horse barns come in a wide range of colors, roofing, and stain making your structure truly unique. Our stains come in 4 different colors.

Additional Accessories