Custom Horse Barns

Choosing custom horse barns from J&N Structures gives you the opportunity to design a barn that is personalized to your unique needs. Our modular barns offer many features at affordable prices, and our Amish horse barn builder’s craftsmanship and high-quality materials mean you’ll enjoy a solid, beautiful modular barn that will provide you with many years of practical use.

Location Considerations for Your Custom Horse Barn

Brown Purcellville Modular Custom Horse Barn

When designing custom horse barns, your location is the first consideration. Our Amish horse barn builders enjoy matching the architectural style of your home to make your new barn look like it is an original part of your farm or ranch. You may wish to site your barn in a location that takes advantage of beautiful views, warm sunshine, cooling shade or excellent drainage. Your horse’s needs, the look you desire and the attributes of your property will help guide the location for your custom horse barn.

A Choice of Horse Barn Materials

A variety of materials choices means you can select options that will be well-suited to repelling moisture, providing access or offering insulation. You may prefer a simple lean-to barn with open sides to provide shelter without restricting your horses from the corral or pasture. Insulated wooden walls, metal roofing, solid doors and windows will provide a cozy, comfortable space for your horses and livestock. Your climate dictates your need for simple rain or sun protection for your horses or a space that offers shelter from deep snow and frigid temperatures.

Designing Your Custom Horse Barn

Inside Loft of a Modular Barn

As you determine what features you wish to include in your custom horse barn design, our wide variety of horse barn options means you can keep your barn simple or choose several features that will make your barn unique. You can select from features such as a full or partial loft, a tack room, and a grooming area. You may wish to create a feed storage room that will be fully enclosed and resistant to rodents. You can choose the number and size of the stalls for your horses, and even consider adding an arena for covered riding during the winter. There is no limit to the options you can select; simply provide us with your ideas, photographs or drawings and we’ll create a custom blueprint just for you.

Adding Unique Features to Your Modular Barn

Beyond the main structural choices for custom horse barns, we offer many practical and decorative options to enhance your new barn’s design. Many colors for siding and roofing give you a wide range of choices for the look of your barn. We also offer functional features such as ventilation systems, doors, feed holes, chew guards, vapor lights and electrical panels. For a decorative touch, add a Dutch door or a cupola and horse-themed weather vane to your custom modular barn.

Custom Modular Barn Designs

We construct each custom part for our horse barns at our manufacturing plant and deliver them to your location as a fully-assembled barn. The amount of construction required after delivery is minimal, and depending on the style and design, it may not require any construction at all. The foundation you choose for your barn and the site preparation you provide is based on your needs and the building codes for your local community. Any required permits for your custom horse barn are your responsibility to secure.

Contact The Amish Horse Barn Builders Today

Contact us today to begin planning and dreaming about your custom horse barn design. Our online photo gallery serves as the inspiration to select the custom options you desire. Our many dealers across the United States mean you will find a dealer near you to assist you with your barn purchase, construction, and delivery.