Custom Modular Buildings to Fit Your Needs

When your unique needs require a custom prefab building, turn to J&N Structures for personalized choices for your new custom garage, horse barn, or storage shed. Our Amish craftsmanship and beautiful, practical features mean we can construct the modular building of your dreams.

Why Customers Love Our Prefab Buildings

J&N Structures builds a wide variety of high-quality prefab buildings, and you can put our expertise and flexibility to work for you when you need a structure that serves a special purpose. As a horse owner, you may need a covered horse barn, and as a farmer, you may need storage space for your field equipment. Our custom prefab buildings are an excellent product that will meet your needs with ease of installation, precise specifications, and customized style.

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Expert Custom Building Contractors in PA

Everyone needs storage space, and you may benefit from a storage shed in a unique size or a garage to store large equipment or vehicles. We offer many different sizes, finishes, roofing materials, and features so that you can select options that match the look of your homestead, farm, or ranch. At J&N Structures, our custom building contractors complete the bulk of the construction in our manufacturing facility, and your building arrives at your location ready to be installed.

Livestock Housing

Our custom modular buildings and chicken coops provide a range of housing options that are also practical solutions for cattle, goats, llamas, sheep, ducks, and other types of livestock. Solid wooden walls and flooring paired with high-quality roofing create a comfortable, dry space in any climate or season. A variety of solid doors that are perfectly sized for humans, livestock, and poultry provide easy access along with protection from predators.

Unique Designs, Modular Components

Custom buildings that meet a range of needs can include a custom horse barn or a chicken coop with an additional storage shed for feed and supplies. Our modular buildings can be built to accommodate a singular purpose or a variety of storage, housing, and recreational needs. You may see a prefab building structure in our project gallery that is ideal for your use; however, we encourage you to use your creativity to combine the components we offer into a modular building that is uniquely yours.

For prefab buildings in VA, PA, DE, SC, NC, MD, NJ, or NY, use our fantastic selection of reputable dealers.

Customized Features and Floorplans

Inside our modular buildings, you can choose from our customized features such as lofts, Dutch doors, stalls, windows, lighting, and ventilation options. Our modular building contractors create an interior floor plan based on your personalized needs to accommodate animals or secure storage.

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Roofing styles, siding colors, and decorative elements such as cupolas and weathervanes. You can add a handcrafted Amish look to your property with design elements that add charm and a traditional look to your homestead. The convenient modular structure of our prefab buildings means that these customized elements will be added to your design order, and your new building will arrive with your chosen features in place.

When you have a need for immediate shelter or storage, contact a dealer to choose a custom building. With proven designs and modular flexibility, you can design a building that offers all the features you’ll need in a size that is just right for your property. Our modular building contractors are ready to assist you with designing custom buildings and making convenient arrangements for delivery and installation. Contact a dealer near you to get started!