Custom Barns Options & Advantages

Building a custom barn allows you to have the style you want while ensuring you get the practical advantages you need. At J&N Structures, we’re a custom horse barn builder that uses modular construction to produce the highest quality structures, a convenient timetable, and the best prices.When designing custom horse barns, your location is the first consideration. Our Amish horse barn builders enjoy matching the architectural style of your home to make your new barn look like it is an original part of your farm or ranch. Your horses’ needs, the look you desire, and the attributes of your property will help guide the options for your custom horse barn.

Whether you want to explore our vast project portfolio or start working with our Amish custom barn builders — we’re here to help. Read more about our products, explore our blog, or start the conversation to begin designing and pricing your custom barn.

Most Common Custom Horse Barn Options

When building a custom horse barn, you have the opportunity to make choices that tailor the structure to your needs and wants. The two most important decisions to make when beginning the custom barn design process are selecting the exterior barn style and the internal layout.

When deciding on barn style, the most common choices include:

  • Shed row barns
  • Center aisle barns
  • Monitor barns
  • High country style barns

When you work with a custom horse barn builder, there is no limit to the options you can select; simply provide us with your ideas, photographs, or drawings, and we’ll create a custom blueprint just for you.

custom barn with run in and storage

Why to Trust True Custom Horse Barn Builders

At J&N Structures, we are true custom horse barn builders. Our modular construction process expedites the building and installation, meaning that you wait a shorter amount of time for the completion of your horse barn.

We construct each custom part for our horse barns at our manufacturing plant and deliver them to your location as a fully-assembled barn. The amount of construction required after delivery is minimal, and depending on the style and design, it may not require any construction at all. This again works to ensure you get the barn you need, fully-built as soon as possible. Compared to traditional on-site barn building, the modular construction process saves our customers a significant amount of money.  Truly, our custom barn building process makes J&N one of the most practical choices.

The most common custom accessories to consider for your barn include:

  • A loft
  • Tack room
  • Grooming area
  • Roof shingle color
  • Siding stain color
  • Cupola
  • Gable vent
  • Electrical package
  • Number and size of stalls

The foundation you choose for your barn and the site preparation you provide is based on your needs and the building codes for your local community. We can help advise you when making these decisions, too.

custom horse barn builder

Find Your Nearest Custom Horse Barn Dealer

While all of our custom horse barns are built in our workshop in the heart of Amish country in Lancaster County, PA, they can be found up and down the East Coast. We work with our exclusive dealer network to provide as any ranchers, farmers, and homeowners with our structures as possible.

One of the first steps to getting your custom horse barn is to enter your zip code and find your nearest official J&N dealer. The dealer nearest to you will be able to help you customize your structure and offer you a FREE quote. In addition, your J&N horse barn dealer will be able to coordinate installation of the barn. Find your nearest dealer or contact us to start the process today!